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The founding members of the YaYA Committee at IC11

A short story

The YaYA Committee was formed in July 2010. Our founding members are Teuvo Orjala, Mae Thompson, Angela Thurston and Tony Finstad (Chair).  We came together out of a mutual desire to engage youth and young adults in a positive vision for the future of the Urantia movement.

This website is a longtime dream of the Urantia Media Team. Over the years we have seen the need for a website that pulled it all together. Though many Urantia-based sites exist, we lack one that acts as a ground zero for the happenings in our community. A one-stop shop for all things new and current in the world of Urantia Book readers, and, more importantly, a sounding board for this generation’s commitment and contribution to the work at hand.

So we invite you to explore and contribute. Please leave comments or email us with ideas. Our number one goal is to connect our community for the forward progress of ourselves and the world. Love.

Why? I believe that my generation has a great advantage over all prior generations because of our ability to communicate through the world wide web. I also believe that we must attack this avenue of communication with all we have. Hungry souls look every day for truth online and who are we to be invisible to them? When they do find us may we make our commitment loud and clear. Our intentions and goals must shine like the sun. Let us leave no doubt in their minds that the truths and ideals we hold are the kind that transform your life.

Our Team

Pamela Keller
YaYA's Chairwoman

Everything seems to carry with it opportunities for learning, growing and expanding. I have always looked at the world in wonder! 


My personal mission is to promote and encourage the full and open recognition of spiritual reality at work and play on Urantia, as well as the realization of personal religionw.


I feel so incredibly blessed for the experience of being a mother of three young adults. This glimpse into the nature of the Father’s love for us has taught me so much. I have come to recognize that each and every opportunity to connect with my brothers and sisters is an opportunity to expand that brotherhood of love.



Many dreams and visions of a more just, loving, and civilized world continue to inspire me and energize me to press on. With the guidance of the Urantia Book, those aspirations only grow more and more vivid.


I look forward to collaborating with you under the banner of our creator, Michael of Nebadon.

Aprilhelen Lovesyou
Committee's Secretary

Aloha Y’all! 


Excited to be alive during this era on our precious planet, my passion is collaborating in communities, with the intention to up-step the generations. Currently, I co-facilitate the Progress Project (online) at Urantia University Institute, host Spiritual Growth Conversations, and share practices for quality longevity.


Having been raised with the Urantia teachings, I understood at a young age that we each have a beautifully unique perspective and truth is found anywhere, in anyone, in all books, and at any time. This has taught me to speak in the most universal language, usually with a lot of inquiry, to reveal higher concepts. I especially enjoy teaching yoga to children, creating art, and collaborating in teams!


My cheerful life in recovery hails from the Arkansas Ozarks, playing with my three fur babies and singing to the gardens. 

Thomas Orjala
Committee Advisor

Been reading The Urantia Book since I was 20. I served over 30 years attending New Age and other type expos and festivals promoting the UB. I’ve shared, sold and donated thousands of Urantia books all around the globe. I am currently a member of the Outreach Committee. I serve my region as an Area Coordinator and serve as an adjunct member of the Youth and Young Adult Committee. Ico hosted a spirit-centered Cosmic Cafe discussion group holding more than 250 weekly meetings. 

My career as a building contractor helped me learn organization skills and how to interact effectively with a variety of personality types to get a job accomplished. I see many activities waiting to happen that will help the revelation reach the mainstream of humanity. Life is but a day’s work, so let’s do it well with, and as, friends.

Juan Jaramillo
Committee's IT Advisor

I’m an IT specialist, a passionate programmer, and a good cook. I also love insects and nature. 

I love exploring life in search of the truth. Very curious of my own spiritual self. 

I have loved reading the UB since 2019, when an extraordinary journey of self knowledge begun in my life.

I like to say my religion is love and I am just spreading it with my dance moves.


Whether you’re curious about our courses, want to join us as a volunteer, or would like to make a contribution, feel free to reach out 🙂