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las_vegasI’ll be glad to blame this good news on the 2×2=More project of the Northern Lights Society in Alaska.  Since being one of their outreach representatives this past summer at several international activities spanning Central America to Asia, I am re-invigorated to be more involved with the community’s movement of the gift we hold as the fifth epochal revelation.  It was a heart full of delight to be among the twenty-five young readers that ventured to the city most known for its promotion of debauchery.  Our short, yet powerfully inspirational, time together washed the bitter taste of Las Vegas from my memory that I had long held.  Once again, I was reminded that precious fruits rise up from decay and beauty can always be found when we allow ourselves to see, really see!

Our gracious hosts, Gard Jameson and Marvin Garwin, and the team of our respected elders, reminded me of several passages in the teachings that recommend parents and guardians to give children room to grow, to live by example in hopes to inspire, yet allow the younger generation to embrace an open avenue for the growth adventure.  The Jamesons opened their beautiful, Boulder City abode, which created the coziest atmosphere for familial fellowship and for enriching our personal connection with all aspects of God the Supreme.  Even within the urban setting, we were blessed with the vision of the breath-taking landscape surrounding Lake Mead, and a few of us had the pleasure of sleeping under the stars in the desert autumn.  There is much to be said for worship and fellowship amongst truth, beauty, and goodness!

urantia_las_vegas_outreachWithin the delectable menu of activities that Janelle Mazza and the YAYA committee provided, we had ample opportunities for service, dialogue, prayer, worship, play, rest, inner work, and communing with nature.  It was wonderful to witness the roles being filled as my peers knew the value of the contribution of a part to the whole.  The meals were plentiful, their coordination may have seemed scrambled, yet they were always greeted with a circle of prayer.  No matter what was happening or who was involved, the comfort of knowing we were in a bubble of like minded hearts was healing and uplifting.  Although I am quite fond of large group sharing and focus, my favorite gems of the gathering were the moments of one-on-one dialogue.  A few of the insightful conversations with some of these soulful siblings dove deep into my recent choice of sobriety, our generation’s responsibility in the greater movement of planetary evolution, and mending the cracks in our community that others may observe as irreparable.  As we well know, when two or more are gathered, prayers and worshipful energy becomes exponential!  Other magnificent parts of the masterpiece of our weekend together were the spontaneous meditation circles that were called upon by several kin.  I truly understand that as we more fervently place thought power in aligning our unity, instead of harping on discontinuity, a plethora of harmony chords will be struck, and that will certainly catapult this age toward the era of light and life.  What a blessing we have been given; let’s expound upon the love of humankind!

urantia_college_outreachNow, a month or so after our Nevada experience, I can say my enthusiasm has been multiplied!  To keep the ignited fire flaming, a few of us engage in a weekly call on Monday mornings and several of us actively keep in touch through social media.  On a personal note, I am revitalized to seek opportunities of service in places that are out of my comfort zone, I am thrilled to be a part of what I vision as a long-lasting tribe, and I am encouraged to go forth proclaiming the kingdom!  Many thanks to the Victoria Foundation who has been so very generous in their efforts to make it possible for youth and young adult students of the Urantia Book to go about our Father’s business.  May we all see the benefit of socialization for integration.  Even though we effectively span the globe, let us weave our strong web to give this world the blueprint of God’s ultimate idea for Urantia…now!

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