The Path To Creatorship


By Richard Omura

God is omnipotent, all powerful. He can do anything and everything. There isn’t anything he can’t do.

So, the starving kids around the world can be fed, pollution cleaned up, wars stopped forever, and everyone can be made healthy and wealthy just by Him snapping his divine fingers. Right? I mean that’s what omnipotent means, right? He can do anything he wants to do.

So why do we need to do service? If God wanted anything done, he can do it instantly all by himself. Why does he need our imperfect help? I mean, we kind of tend to mess things up, as is pretty evident by looking at our history. So, we like to think of helping God but when you look at it, we are like toddlers going into our Dad’s office and thinking we can help with inventory management and data analysis and human resources and all, but we can’t. Spiritually, we’re just toddlers. So Dad knows we can’t really help, yet, but he appreciates our willingness to help and makes work for us that helps us to grow. Simple kiddie work, not to actually do something useful in the real world, but to keep out of the way and be a cute kid. But, some of us begin to realize that it’s just “make work” and want to do more for God. We want to do something for God that he can’t do himself. But is that possible? He can do everything, right? He is all powerful, omnipotent. Well, what God can’t do or won’t do is force our will. He wants our love freely, without being programmed to do so. Ergo free will. And what he  wants the most from us is what parents want the most from their kids. They want the kids to grow and become like them. And we are faith sons of the Creator. That is a mind-boggling concept. We are offsprings of the creator destined to become creators ourselves. You are a baby god, in potential.

So how do we grow, spiritually? To get along with each other, we must first learn things by rote. But the first thing that we must learn as a basis of living is the difference between right and wrong. And this cannot be learned by rote. It is something that we must realize within the deepest part of us. It is what makes the soul. However, much of the rules of living is learned by rote through our social and religious institutions. After we have spiritually matured sufficiently, and know the reasons behind those laws and rules that we learned by rote, we can begin to get creative. This is where we depart from authoritative teachings to experiential learnings.

To learn to create is the first step in becoming a creator. Actually, a Co-creator, as without The Creator’s help, we cannot create. This means that we must experiment and be willing to make seeming mistakes. (There are no real mistakes because all seeming mistakes are but a stepping stone to success.) To become creators, we must experiment with those concepts and ideas that we learned by rote to see if our understanding is correct. We must become not mere storehouses of data, but a vessel filled with values that are felt with our souls. And expressing these values is creativity!

We are creatures evolving to become creators.

So create, why don’t you! It’s easy! At least, easy to say. Most people are not very creative because they are afraid. See, creativity is scary! Because creativity makes all kinds of weird stuff. If you’re creative, people will think you are strange, eccentric off-beat, different, and they will be right. Creators are considered weird by creatures. But it’s okay to remain creatures. You do have free will. There is nothing that says you have to be eternal. Although there is a little spark within you that might lead you in that direction…And this spark is from The Prime Creator.

Some people are afraid to create because they feel that their creation is not good enough. Well, it’s all opinion anyway. Even God has created things that are not very popular such as tornadoes, diseases, war, pain and insufferable personalities. He doesn’t ask for our opinion. He just creates. You can do the same.

Creativity is not just about being an artist. Some artists may not even be very creative. Creativity happens in all activities. You can be creative in plumbing, medicine, law, the military, education, parenting, sports, everything! Some acts of creation are more valued than others. It is often in the eyes of the beholder.

To return good for evil requires creativity of the highest spiritual value. And a person who can do such a thing is highly treasured in the universe. A robot that acts mechanically is easily made, such a tool can be created even by humans. A being that can actually change the negative into the positive? Now, that is something! It is creativity that we can exercise every day in every field of activity. To change the negative into the positive is to create. And it is an awesome feeling! You can try it out experientially.

In fact, you’ve already tried it out but maybe you weren’t quite aware of the dynamics. Were there times when you were attacked verbally or physically, and you hit back? You returned evil for evil, and you felt the results. We do this all the time out of habit and often we are not even aware of it. This is the negative animalistic default behavior (fight or flight). Then, at another time, maybe you tried not reacting, just walking away. This is the neutral behavior. Then, on another occasion, maybe you did something creative, the positive spiritual behavior; giving back good even when you were dealt evil.  Your soul has felt the results. The understanding that comes with experience has superseded anything that you learned by rote.

Do this with all the concepts and high ideas that you come across. Don’t just believe in everything out of blind faith and laziness. Start becoming aware of how much you know by rote and how much by experience. You may discover that many things that you learned by rote do not stand up to the test of experience. This may cause you to rethink many things, which will fuel spiritual growth. What do you do when your experience conflicts with accepted doctrine learned by rote? Pray? Think? Meditate? Yes, I found those things work through experience and through those disciplines found that experience beats rote learning hands down, most of the time. The reason I stand behind the teachings that I believe in is that my personal experiences have verified much of the information in it. The foundation of my spiritual life rests upon my personal experiences, not upon what I was told by others.

Of course, there are some truths that cannot be learned experientially until it happens, such as life after death. When it comes to spiritual reality, we must use faith but we can still experiment to see if it bears fruit, such as in returning good for evil. Ultimately, the evidence for any spiritual belief should be the fruits of the spirit. If it makes you a better person, physically, intellectually and spiritually, then do it! If it doesn’t, take a deep look and fine tune your approach, experientially, with no fear, but lots of love!

The key to creatorship is to experiment fearlessly. Keep following the spark of the creator within: the Love. The expression of this love in a genuine, sincere, original and uniquely personal way is true creativity and is a prime attribute of the Universal Creator that we must emulate. As embryonic creators, we must grow to become bonafide creators, we must learn to create!

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2 thoughts on “The Path To Creatorship”

  1. Richard, thank you so much for this article. It arrived at just the right time … waking up in a hospital bed, wondering what this day has in store while waiting to undergo further tests to ascertain just how far the Big C has made inroads into this body, and then co-plan with the medical team an aporopriate course of treatment: surgery/chemo/radiation or … maybe nothing.

    As I, still sleepily, switched on the ever present Tablet, I noticed URANTIANOW and the topic of your article standing out from all the other posts, and started to read. Man! What a faith-bolstering article. The bottom line: Me being a co-creator in my present medical situation and all and everything THAT it implies.

    This article really has made my day and given me, within a few minutes, a bright new perspective to, on and for the road ahead on my personal journey — dovetailing so beautifully with the GREAT ADVENTURE 👊

  2. Absolutely Richard! And let us always be reminded that Jesus’ religion is freedom from self. That true goodness is an unconscious and spontaneous expression of our souls personal experience with our Adjusters. Rest assured, pass it on to one another.

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