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The Path To Creatorship

  By Richard Omura God is omnipotent, all powerful. He can do anything and everything. There isn’t anything he can’t do. So, the starving kids

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The Search for Utopia

By Richard Omura After many years of reading and studying The Urantia Book, many of us have wanted to start a close knit commune of

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Targeting Outreach

By Richard S. Omura Many years ago, after reading The Urantia Book for a while and slowly beginning to understand it, I felt an urge

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Universal Spiritual Concepts

By Richard S. Omura I’ve always believed that in introducing UB concepts to the public, that we should first internalize them, make them our own, and then

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By Richard Omura What with all the spiritual information in The Urantia Book, an important message from the revelators that is easy to forget is

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Center of the Soul

THE JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE SOUL By Richard S. Omura The Urantia Book has many concepts that could benefit the world. However, it

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An Inner Approach

By Richard Omura I read with interest Teuvo’s latest article on fundraising. The bottom line is the Fellowship doesn’t have enough money for its many

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Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time By Richard Omura. I used to think that the Urantia Book community will just grow and grow until it gets so

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