Our Vision

Vision UrantiaNow.com is an interactive community platform designed to foster worldwide spiritual unity through the positive free expression of personal religious experience as revealed in The Urantia Book.



• To be a dynamic hub for fruitful conversation among students of The Urantia Book.

• To be an engaging and exciting introduction to the Urantia community for those who are new or unfamiliar.

• To engage and inspire students of The Urantia Book with testimonials, news, forums, access to community resources, and promotion of community events.

• To serve as a conduit of discovery to the meanings of The Urantia Book to all those seeking.

• To offer resources and support for spiritual growth.


Audience UrantiaNow.com seeks to reach anyone interested in learning more about, becoming involved with, or staying involved with the community of Urantia Book readers. The content and aesthetic of the site is particularly meant to appeal to younger generations.

Format UrantiaNow.com is designed as a news blog. Featured posts rotate regularly, focus on personal religious experience, and encourage comments and discussion. The site also offers an opinion section and resources for study, support, socialization, service, and outreach.


Content Guidelines

Content for UrantiaNow.com DOES:

• Help actualize the vision for UrantiaNow.com by addressing at least one of the goals listed above.

• Contain information and constructive opinions related to the vision and goals of UrantiaNow.com, expressed with tact and tolerance.

• Promote news, projects, events, and creative works related to students of The Urantia Book.

• Allow for constructive debate.

• Allow for questioning, doubt, and disagreement about The Urantia Book’s teachings in the context of individual spiritual growth.

• Relate to The Urantia Book and its community of readers.

Content for UrantiaNow.com DOES NOT:

• Disparage the teachings of The Urantia Book.

• Allow name-calling or attacking of individuals or organizations.

Content Recruitment and Oversight An editorial board comprised of no fewer than four members of the Youth and Young Adult Committee is responsible for recruiting and overseeing content on UrantiaNow.com. The editorial board will post proposed content with a majority vote. In the event of a split vote in the editorial board, it will send proposed content to the Fellowship’s Publications Committee for review before posting. The editorial board has the right to delete posts, comments, and users with a majority vote.


Whether you’re curious about our courses, want to join us as a volunteer, or would like to make a contribution, feel free to reach out 🙂