Leadership Synopsis

Synopsis of Leadership Training Camp ‘13

Thomas Orjala had a vision for 10 years. This vision finally came to fruition in majestic Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Our week started off with an epic kayak/tubing excursion down the awe-inspiring, crystal clear Coeur d’ Alene river. We retired each evening to our tee pees or tents, after a few hours of good music and conversation by the campfire. During our days, we explored the history of leadership, why it is needed, and how we can implement it.

Urantia youth setting up camp and diving into studying the Urantia Book

We were blessed with a guest speaker who taught us, among other things, that we can literally rewire the brain – create new neural connections and break old ones – through our thinking. This can allow us to have better quality of life, get the results we desire, and be more effective.

We each created a project for ourselves as leaders. We hold each other accountable and also support each other in the realization of these endeavors. Some of the projects include college outreach, music/art events, and expanding social networks.

Our workshop on leadership by professional coach Leslie

It may interest the reader to know we did not directly utilize the Urantia Book once. This was not necessarily intentional. But our purpose was not study of the book, but how to implement its teachings. We all know the book. It’s time to live it.

Lifelong impressions and lasting friendships were made during this momentous week in beautiful Idaho.

Special thanks to Aurora Hill for filling our bellies with abundant delicious, organic food!

Swimming in Coeurd 'Alene Lake, Leslie' workshop, and Amadon showing his new turkey feathers
Swimming in Coeurd ‘Alene Lake, Leslie’ workshop, and Amadon showing his new turkey feathers

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1 thought on “Leadership Synopsis”

  1. Fabulous and inspiring training and then the Yosemite conference also saw your presence… you all are very inspiring in your dedication to the Gospel of Service in the Kingdom.. thanks.

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