Wild Goose Festival 2013


Russ, Karol, and Helen (rt)

Come and gone… Wild Goose Festival 2013 presented yet another sterling opportunity to rub elbows with spirit-infused brothers and sisters asking some big questions.  Questions like:  “What’s the ONE THING that needs to change in Christianity?”  Most assuredly, I’ll want to be in the middle of that conversation.  And the Urantia Book Fellowship Interfaith and Outreach Committees have been most generous in sponsoring booths for Wild Goose Festivals in order to share the teaching of the Urantia Book.

This last August locals Rabia Harris, Isadora Galjour, and DebraLee Williams came to Hot Springs, NC for the Festival, while Karol Garrison and Helen Luke motored in from Tallahassee, FL.  Karol graciously transported Emergent friend Russ Jennings and self from the Charlotte airport.  That’s my seat in the back J.

Helen (standing), DebraLee, Rabia, & Karol

Housing was most excellent — no RV this year!  We arranged for a beautiful cottage – North Carolina style — and invited some emergent friends to share expenses.  There were 10 of us in 3 bedrooms and living room futons J ‘Twas a delightful brew and wonderful opportunity for sharing AND meeting more Urantian sisters.

With our booth, we’ve managed to transform the wall of table-across-the-front “merchant” look into a cozy living room arrangement with simple Jesus-oriented banner art.  This “Christian Science Reading Room” model creates a welcoming presence.

This 4-day event went flawlessly due to the love and dedication from local resident angel, Rabia, who monitored progress each step of the way while coordinating booth equipment with generous Urantian locals, Jane and Rick Morgan.

All participants contributed heartily to the success of our booth and personal comforts.

DebraLee inspired this couple to buy 2 books.

We sold a number of books to passers by, local vendors, and a young Mormon gal who was inspired to see Melchizadek in the Papers.  We took turns monitoring the booth and attending Festival events amidst the warm summer downpours.

As I continue to mix with emergent leaders over the months, it has become increasingly easier to share in deeper ways with these catalyzers of change.  I’m discovering that some even have a “Urantia book up on the shelf.”  And it continues to be my joy sharing the Emergent path with Urantians.  We’ve so much to gain from each other since Christianity’s our foundation and the Revelation their future.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.22.52 PM

With Teuvo’s wise guidance,  I printed up four 4×6 flyer versions – The Gospel, Our Father, Religion, Revelation; each with this picture and quotes on back.  We distributed them randomly in the crowds over the 4 days.

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of Isadora’s experience from the ‘Gathering’, as she calls it:

Jesuit John Dear on Gandhi & Jesus

“There was a UNITY of soul at The Wild Goose…..an unspoken knowing that the Spirit does lead us together..Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.22.42 PM.and holds that space for us to enjoy those sublime fruits… This was wildly wonderful and uplifting.

I have found the last two Wild Goose Gatherings to be a very SAFE place where folks can gather and participate in an open-ended, open-minded conversation about God.  How inspiring to know that people are working hard towards a greater and deeper meaning of the truest and most valued teachings of Jesus. These folks are attempting to live his gospel and … are going about doing good…in truth and beauty.  I have so much hope for world when I see this!

Young visitor with Isadora. “He needed a sympathetic ear.”

I was surprised at the level of general receptivity, even though the idea of a 5th EPOCHAL REVELATION may have been a leap for most. What amazed me was that no one became hostile!  It was a SAFE place to introduce this beautiful book.  It felt so very right to be there among these loving Emergent Christians. We are of the same cloth.
I think this is a great place to continue forward movement in distribution of The Urantia Book.  This presence of our booth and the Urantia Book will take hold if we are consistent and steadfast, year after year. These are our little cocoons we are holding space for.  We have only to have faith that they will open when the time is right.  Let’s do it again!”  ~ Isadora

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2 thoughts on “Wild Goose Festival 2013”

  1. Pamela, ta stax for sharing your take on the “Wild Goose Festival 2013.”

    I like the way you and your friends have put a new spin on the usual “merchant”-look, by changing it to a more comfy “let’s-sit-down-and-relax/talk” space – your pic displays a warm and welcome atmosphere indeed.

    Also appreciate the use of “emergent”, i.e. “emergent friend/s”, “emergent leaders”, “Emergent Path” and “emergent Christians.” As a linguist I couldn’t help but notice…

    Lastly, I think I need to know more just how those fliers were composed.

    1. pamela chaddock

      Thank you, Arno, for your kind reply.

      The four flyers were composed using Publisher. I ran off the 8 masters for 4 versions at Staples, in a 5×7 format. Let me know if you want more info.

      Emergent is a term that’s been used to describe a new form of progressive Christianity that “emerged” in the late 1990s from a leadership group of Jesus-oriented evangelicals. It caught on and has become a deep conversation enriched with participation from a wide variety of denominations and beyond! I have been following them since 2009, greatly inspired by their love for Jesus and service orientation, their inclusivity and readiness to move beyond their dogmas. It’s a rich churning cauldron of possibilities, and they’re embarking on creating an umbrella ‘network of networks’ around a ‘new Christian ethos’. Take a look! http://www.canainitiative.org

      Thanks again, Arno. Appreciate your response!

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