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Current Open Courses

The Progress Project

The purpose of the Progress Project course is to deepen our personal relationships with God, share our inner lives with each other, and support each other in spiritual goals through intentional relationship. We take our name from an initiative that was developed by Urantia Book readers as a network of small groups focused on personal spiritual growth. This is the second time we are offering this course on the UUI platform.

Spiritual Growth Conversations
What do YOU do to Grow Spiritually?

Spiritual Growth Conversations are respectful, adventurous, and spirit-focused discussions. We provide a space for you to explore your inner life. Growth happens when we share our spiritual discoveries, when we are curious, and when we really listen to one another. We look forward to seeing you in one of our conversations! 

  • Take the Art of Universal Language series. 

“Sharing is how we grow”


Personal & Spiritual Growth Counsellor


We want to encourage your personal and spiritual growth

Because personal and spiritual growth conversations are crucial to our human experience. Many times we have to achieve goals that are not necessarily within our scope of wisdom, and here is when we can step in to support you throughout our courses.  


Whether you’re curious about our courses, want to join us as a volunteer, or would like to make a contribution, feel free to reach out 🙂

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