Coco Jackson

How I found the Urantia Book

By Coco Jackson

Imagine being a radical fundamentalist for 15 years of your life only to realize everything you so passionately believed in wasn’t the truth. In Januray of 2012 I was faced with this reality. One afternoon I was casually looking through my closet when a very strong thought came to my mind. Something prompted me to turn my head to the left towards my books and I grabbed my book “Rule By Secrecy”. I thought this was another tutorial by the Spirit to unveil more of the deceptive forces at work within society. I was not prepared for what I was prompted to read. I opened the book as if I knew right where to turn and immediately a section on bible plagerism popped up. I greatly respected the author of Rule By Secrecy , but was certain that he had erred in this opinion on my beloved book I had so cherished for half of my life.   I consider myself to be a bit of a research Ninja and immediately Googled the phrase “bible plagerism”. Tons of sites popped up and I began to dig in deeply to this notion. What I discovered pretty much crumbled the entire foundation of my life.

For two weeks I was in utter devastation as the more I researched the more I realized that the things the author had stated were in fact true. It was surprising to me that the biblical scholarly world was well aware of these alterations and it was unbeknownst to the common church people. I was in overwhelming turmoil and decided to go on a fast on a Saturday (the Sabbath) which I considered at that time to be a very Holy day. During the fast I cried out to God in tears and asked Him to reveal the truth to me. I was so confused and didn’t even know if I could trust that Christ was a deity, or just a very spiritually advanced human being who achieved God man status through mental ascension.

I will never forget, clear as day the Spirit spoke to my mind and told me to google “Christ Consciousness”. Up popped the website center for Christ Consciousness! So I clicked on it and found a link where there was a transcript from a celestial teacher by the name of Welmek. I was then taken to the Teaching Mission website and began to read the transcripts of this supposed celestial teacher.  I discovered that the “Urantia Book” was mentioned often in these transcripts. Finally I just clicked on the link that was provided and was taken to the Urantia Foundations website where I had my first introduction into what the Urantia Book was.

It honestly was love at first sight. I eagerly scoured through the table of contents and read as much as I could on the history of our Planet and the Jewish religion as well as Christianity. All of the things the scholars could not piece together this book provided. I knew this was truth.

The Urantia Book has spiritually grounded me. It saved my faith in God and in the Son of Man. I am ever so grateful for the Spirit leading me to such a reservoir of truth, knowledge and wisdom. Unlearning  may be an uncomfortable experience, but the divine truths of the Urantia Book have transformed my life more than any religion of the mind could ever do!  I finally have an ability to love people freely without judgment and that is such a freeing experience. Most people haven’t the slightest idea of what the Father’s love really is. I have made it my personal mission to spread this truth of God’s real love and the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ as given in the Urantia Book revelation.  We are living in a time where divine truth is very much needed.

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4 thoughts on “Coco Jackson”

  1. Miranda Clendening

    I love hearing about how people are led by the spirit in such unique ways to find this incredible book 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. You sound like such a beautiful person. I hope to meet you at some point in the bright future 🙂

    Peace, Love, and Blessings, Miranda

  2. What a revelation! I have switched to Saturday worship at a Messianic church (they don’t like the term “Jews for Jesus”). I think finally I can get the true gospel, without it being distorted or watered down. BTW – good job on Hollywood Game Night!!! I’m a fan!

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