Calling All YaYAs: Come to IC’14!

An international gathering of Urantians will be happening in Massachusetts next summer and I would urge you to move heaven and earth to get there. As a participant in many conferences I can testify that you’ll be so elevated by the company of hundreds of Urantians that you’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to meet and fellowship with such an inspiring group of people.Urantians young and old, early adopters and new readers, will be in Amherst at the University of Massachusetts for IC’14, an international conference sponsored by the Urantia Book Fellowship, July 23-27.


Thanks to the generosity of beloved sister, Victoria Clark, some scholarships are available for youth and young adults to attend IC’14. Victoria, a recent graduate of Urantia, sought to support and empower our youth as they carry the torch the next mile. We are glad to report that the Victoria Clark Fund, in concert with the Sunrise Society of Urantians in Nevada and the Northern Light Society of Alaska, are offering $500 to eight young adults to help defray the costs of attending IC’14. This, in addition to the $50 youth discount, should make attendance more affordable.Urantia_Fellowship_IC14

Victoria Clark Scholars will be selected based on their creative ideas for disseminating the teachings of the Urantia Book, and will be featured in a panel discussion on this topic at the conference. If you are moved to seek such an opportunity please follow the link below for details and to apply by March 1:


The  conference  will be a unique and powerful opportunity to meet and fellowship with Urantians of all stripes and to create bonds that will endure into eternity.

Many blessings on your journey, hope to see you there!


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3 thoughts on “Calling All YaYAs: Come to IC’14!”

  1. What a GREAT setting for conferencing Lynn,

    No shortage of gatherings this year. YAYAs are invited to UAI conferences as well, in Texas, March 7 (Mystery Monitors); Wisconsin, June 11 (Study Group Symposium); Virginia, Oct 12 (Faith: Liberator of Man’s Soul). And there is an event down under, Oct 4, in Auckland NZ! It’s theme is creative living, and another great setting for study.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information, Rick. We’ll add this to our calendar and we’d be happy to post this as a featured article if someone from the UAI wants to write one up. Indeed, no shortage of wonderful events in the UB community in 2014!

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