Spiritual Assault

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.18.37 PMAuthor: Karo E. Akamune

Strike directly for your objectives!

Spiritual assault is spiritual force. Spiritual assault requires spiritual valor. It requires prayers and meditations. It also requires action!

Spiritual assault involves desiring a certain Kingdom-oriented outcome with all of your heart; and putting all efforts or great efforts to get it. You focus your mind on it – use the power of your mind, your thoughts and prayers.

Spiritual assault involves spiritual warfare prayers. You pray with boldness and confidence and faith. You stand strong and declare and decree prophetically. With spiritual clarity, you speak things into existence in line with the divine will.

Spiritual assault involves exercising your divinely endowed powers and authority as a faith- liberated son or daughter of God. With spiritual assault, you make things happen, in partnership with divinity. You don’t sit on the sidelines… You don’t ‘chicken out’. You put up a good fight – a good fight of faith! Hallelujah!

“Jesus continued to teach the twenty-four, saying: “…The heathen strike directly for their objectives; you are guilty of too much chronic yearning. If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not take it by spiritual assault even as the heathen take a city they lay siege to? …Cease your useless yearning and go forth bravely doing that which concerns the establishment of the kingdom.” – Urantia Book 155:1.3

You have to strike directly for your goals and objectives. Go for it forcefully in the power of the Holy Spirit. You have to be hungry to get it or achieve it.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” – Jesus, Matthew 11:12. The violent ones take it by force – by spiritual assault! Glory!

One has to be ‘violent’ against evil, sin, iniquity, hindrances, obstacles, evil machinations from Lucifer and his minions…. One also has to be ‘violent’ – forcefully determined to ascend the progressive steps of righteousness….

A simple way to understand spiritual assault is to take a close look at these words of Jesus in the Urantia Book quote [in UB155:1.3]: “The heathen strike directly for their objectives…” We have to learn to strike directly for our spiritual goals. When you spend time reading spiritual books with an objective to feed your soul; to grow spiritually; to equip yourself with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, you are engaging in spiritual assault! When you take out time to meditate and pray, with a desire to understand who you truly are and who God really is and your place and role in the Universe, you are engaging in spiritual assault!

Strike directly for your objectives!

The other day, a brother talked about proactively doing gospel outreach work. That is a goal or an objective. If he decides to actually give it a go, to do something about it – practically, and to make efforts to sustain the momentum, that is spiritual assault!

You go for it; you enter the Kingdom; you seek to have a better understanding of the Kingdom (or the Father’s Fold); you make direct efforts to help others to understand as well; you boldly acknowledge all your rights and privileges as a faith-liberated son or daughter of God; you walk in the reality of your divine heritage as a member of the family of God; you allow love to flow in your heart as you bask in the fellowship of believers; you sustain the momentum… You back it all up with loving prayers and meditations. That is spiritual assault. You, “Take the Kingdom by force” – without apologies; without fear or favor; with zeal, coupled with knowledge! …Spiritual Assault!

Go in the strength of God’s love!

Peace & goodwill to you!
– Pastor Karo E. Akamune
The Christ Michael Center
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7 thoughts on “Spiritual Assault”

  1. It is easy to be PC, to be “kind”, to be complacent. Jesus lived and acted in the Spirit, uplifting all He came in contact with. Good work Karo!

  2. Thank you guys. Let us be greatly encouraged. Let us have a sustainable impact on ‘the world mind’ by bringing to bear, the fruits that are a result of our positive response to the teachings of Jesus. Namaste! #FER

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