World Travelers!

Calling Young World Travelers! 

And Supporters Too!

The “2 x 2 =MORE” project, sponsored by the Northern Light Society of Alaska, is headed into its second year of assisting young adults to accompany an International Outreach Team as they venture to Book Fairs in both Guatemala and the Philippines this summer and fall.  Our first sponsored, young adult, Janelle Mazza of Las Vegas successfully represented this project in Santiago, Chile in October 2012.

Book Fairs have been a great way of introducing and explaining The Urantia Book to people of all different faiths, races, ages and beliefs.  They generally take about 5 days (plus travel days) and end with a mini conference or study session. Every day is a surprise as you meet and greet your fellows.  This kind of a trip truly gives you the opportunity to grow your own skills, talents and soul as you listen, talk and share with new people and great team members of the International Fellowship Committee, led by its chairman, Buck Weimer.


Guatemala:  July 26-August 4, 2013

Philippines:  September 11-15, 2013


The Northern Light Society members developed this project after traveling to Nigeria in May of 2012 and learned how valuable this experience was to our growth.   We now fundraise throughout our Urantia community to educate about the efforts of the IFC and to ask for support in helping us with the travel costs and expenses of those wanting to participate in the “2 x 2=MORE” project.

Participants will need to have a spirit of adventure and stamina, be at least 21, have a valid passport, answer some vetting questions and write a short essay to help with this selection process.   To learn more about this project, please view our video at  To begin this process, contact me, Barb Maier, Secretary of the Northern Light Society of Alaska and a member of the IFC at   Do it as soon as possible please.

We also encourage financial support from our greater Urantia community!  Donations can be made through the Pay Pal button on our website.  Any adults that would like to travel with us are most welcome too!

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6 thoughts on “World Travelers!”

  1. Aikins Oswaldo

    Great work, Barb and co. I always feel good to know that you have the work of God at heart. I just got a job with a small pay but I hope to donate my first pay to this project. God bless us all. I missed you all!

    1. Tony Finstad

      Hello Aikins! Hope all is well with you and fellow readers in Nigeria. Skype into one of our study groups when you get a chance again …… we miss you and really want you to come to IC14 next summer! Blessings to all of our brothers and sisters in West Africa ~ Tony

  2. Being a Manila resident and an Urantia Book reader I will be glad to provide a helping hand to those coming to participate in the International Book Festival to be held in Manila in September 2013. Hector

    1. Tony Finstad

      Thank you Hector. This is a generous offering and I’ve passed it along to Buck and the International Fellowship Committee. See you in Manila in September! God Bless ~

  3. This is a most important project that, when experienced by many young readers, will lay the foundation for a true “world” perspective for these future leaders.


  4. Dear Barbara,
    This is a great proyect. We need to encourage the new generations to participate in the dissemination of this great Revelation. They are the future. Our world needs new leaders with a new and more elevated way of thinking. It was great to have Janelle Mazza here in Santiago, Chile during our International Book Fair in 2012. Thank you for that. Please, anything I can do to share this information among the Spanish speaking readers, just count on me.


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