Jesse Syverson

How I found the Urantia book

Jesse Syverson

I was a young 22-year-old man, living 35 miles away from my hometown in Girdwood, Alaska. While spending the majority of my summers working on a passenger train that traveled though the interior of Alaska, a good friend mentioned to me that she was going to a spiritual conference in Vancouver, BC in a few weeks and invited me to come.  At first I wasn’t sure what the conference entailed but thought, “I’m spiritual”, and with little thought I booked the trip later the same day.

Summer in Alaska is the best time of year, so when it was time to leave, I was naturally very hesitant to leave for this conference…looking back, I naturally had a little doubt and was pre-occupied with plans of backpacking, hiking, music, work and spending time with friends, ignorant that the wonderful discovery that lay ahead of me.

We arrive at our rooms with a free night on our hands so we decide to look for the campus bar and go play some pool. At first glance I noticed a handful of people who were my age and somehow we simultaneously made the connection that we were here for the same conference.  Soon after some friendly introductions, Michael MacIsaac asked me an interesting question no one had ever asked me before..  “So how’d you find the book?”  …  My response was nothing I think he was ready for,  “What Book?, I replied?”  Michael quickly was surprisingly taken aback while chuckling with his eyebrows raised and a friendly chuckle… Said, well ” The Urantia Book!”,  and asked with a smile, you came to IC99 and you’ve really never seen the Urantia book?!  Whoh! That’s so Cool Man!

The Urantia book conference weekend to date, were some of the he most uplifting spiritualized days in my young life.

After years of study, The Urantia Book has clearly expanded my universal vocabulary, unfolded a large conscious family, and most importantly helped educate me with a new understanding of my personal relationship with God.  Though at times difficult to describe the vastness of the book, I consistently enjoy sharing with anyone who is searching for truth or answers to questions in our world.


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4 thoughts on “Jesse Syverson”

  1. That was an epic conference. I remember first meeting you and Ashlee there! So glad we’ve been able to keep in touch and share adventures over all these years – and there are many more to come!

  2. I’m really glad you shared the story of how you found the Urantia Book, Jesse! That was such a great, and memorable conference, and a great story of how you were first introduced to the book! I still remember that conference like it was yesterday 🙂

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