Where Are The Youth?

This last weekend I attended the Gathering at the Hood. A regional conference put on by the newly formed Urantia Communities of the Northwest. It was truly an amazing event, to say the least, but it was missing youth participation.

So where are the young people? They are everywhere! They are all around us everyday. Ok, yes, you know I’m speaking specifically about young Urantia Book readers. Well, unfortunately they seem to be in shockingly short supply. But it wasn’t always this way.


When I talk with people about the history of the movement I often hear about how many people found the book in the late 60’s and 70’s. The open minded cultural movement of love and self discovery of those times was the perfect soil for the revelation to grow and an amazing number of people (including many young) became readers in a short period of time.

The UB tells us:

“As the human mind reckons backward into the past, it is evaluating past experience for the purpose of bringing it to bear on a present situation. As mind reaches out into the future, it is attempting to evaluate the future significance of possible action. And having thus reckoned with both experience and wisdom, the human will exercises judgment-decision in the present, and the plan of action thus born of the past and the future becomes existent. “ 118:1.4

To me this quote means that we continue to acknowledge the past of our movement as we plan for the future. Otherwise it seems we will be discussing solutions to a problem we don’t fully understand.


My understanding of this problem has developed out of my life experiences. I was born into a UB home, I’ve traveled on evangelical missions, and I have been a founding member of the Youth and Young Adult Committee. Therefore, I feel my experiences have given me an understanding of my generation that few share.

When I’ve traveled I would hear very personal stories about what some people went through in the 70’s and 80’s. The break up of the Foundation and the Brotherhood, the Fall of Vern Grimsly, and the growth of the teaching mission. All of these events had incredible effects on the Urantia community of those days, and continue to influence us today.

The events of those times should not be taken lightly. Not that they need to be dug up but that they need to be acknowledged if we desire to have a honest conversation about our history and where we find our movement in 2015 and going forward.

These events had a devastating effect on our community for a few specific reasons. One, they started a culture of separation. That groups of us had separate missions while studying the same exact teachings. Two, they caused incredible disappointment. When you have such strong leadership, that you place so much expectation on, the let down is significant if they falter. The desire to support new leaders and trust in strong leadership has been largely lost in our community. Instead of a focus on training young leaders inside the Fellowship we continue as a culture of “study, study, study”. Third, in my opinion, we have not yet figured out what our primary mission is as kingdom believers.

What do I mean by “our mission” ? Well when I say Buddhist you instantly have a clear image of what being Buddhist means right? What about Mormon? Same thing? These groups have established who they are and that’s how the world knows them.

Us UB readers are still just “readers” if you ask most people. In fact as we left the gathering at the Hood one of the staff said “the book club group is leaving today at noon”. That is how we come across to observers. And if you visit your average study group that is what you will find, “readers”.


That is not to say these readers are not living these teachings in their daily lives or are kind and beautiful people. We know they are. I’m saying as a community of Urantia Book students, and believers in Jesus Christ, we have not yet come together in unity of purpose and therefor we are known as readers. Because that is what we primarily do. We read. I know some of you would say that having a unifying mission is not the goal but I would argue it’s why we have so few young people in our movement.

People, especially young, want to be part of something. Not something deep and complex but something tangible, fulfilling, and now! Being part of a book club is not very exciting. Though it might have some spiritual fulfilment, once you get deep enough, it is not enough to attract but a few.

Here is my idea for moving forward and discovering who we are as a movement. I’m proposing that we do EXACTLY what the revelation instructs. It is a fact that the 5th Epochal Revelation does not in fact tell us to study and know the 196 papers of the Urantia Book. It just doesn’t say this. What it DOES say is this:

“Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.” (196:1.3)


This to me is our path to becoming who we know we can be as a community and a worldwide movement. To focus on Jesus’ message first and foremost.

The rest of the Urantia Book is just incredible knowledge and truth to help us become better messengers of the world’s most important Gospel!

As Jesus instructs, this does not mean banging on doors declaring “The Master has risen!” We must meet people where they are in their spiritual path and along the way serve all we find in need. When the whole of our movement, most importantly the leadership, is committed to this mission we will be overflowing with families and youth.

When our message and purpose is simple and tangible we will be shocked by how many people find us and join our cause.

“No cult can survive unless it embodies some masterful mystery and conceals some worthful unattainable” 87:7.9

Do we have this in our movement? If you think we do please leave it in the comments. I don’t personally see one. Not one that unites us and makes us jump out of bed every morning! And until we do find this our community will continue to splinter into many different minimally effective social groups. Losing the potential power we all know we would find if we united behind Jesus and his life saving message.

Let us develop together a message we can all unite behind. It won’t be comfortable for some at first, and it shouldn’t be, but it is the way. When the revelation says it so clearly “Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.” (196:1.3)  will we just continue to ignore this? Will we continue to be a book club when we are called to be teachers and leaders for the master? I pray not. I pray we find our common purpose in these teachings and work together to reach the masses with this BEAUTIFUL NEW Gospel we all know will change lives as it has changed ours.

And when we do this the youth will start knocking on our door day and night.


Note from the Author: I feel like I could write 20,000 words about this subject. How to attract and inspire young spiritually minded youth to find and understand revelation. There is no one answer. It really is all wrapped up in how we each move towards following the Masters leading and being true cosmic citizens. I’d love to hear your thought for the future of our movement.

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30 thoughts on “Where Are The Youth?”

  1. One has to know a teaching before one can transfer the teaching. And there is much to know and assimilate in those 800 pages you site, not all get it right away. Astute leaders like you can increase effectiveness by inspiring other leaders, pray and watch for them. ’tis divine to delegate.

    I admire your spirit and persistence in bringing hungry young ones to the revelatory banquet. It will happen, the Pope is whetting their appetite right now, in the thousands and millions. He’s a good study in living the truth, and working from the 4th epoch!

    1. Thank you Rick!

      Love what the Pope is doing to the Religious conversation right now! Such a positive, and needed, movement towards the true gospel.

      My hope is to continue to be more relevant to the youth by not going over their heads with revelation but by meeting them on the streets in loving service. We are making great progress and it truly is an exciting time!

  2. The youth won’t be much interested unless we can show how the UB relates to the current situation on earth. Simply doing “bible study” type UB groups will turn the youth off, because it’s too much like Sunday School, which they loathe.

    Institutional Christianity has been discredited in many ways, and until it experiences an awakening, it’ll remain discredited.

    There’s a great struggle between Good and Evil going on, right now, on the planet. Ignoring this fact ensures the youth will stay away.

    1. Chris I couldn’t agree more! Bible study is never something I hear people rave about. I do here them say “I go for the social time” a lot. I think we need to start by making our study groups much more about community and social service then just knowledge of the revelation.

      I do love my study group but when its all we do I think we are in serious need of taking the leap of faith into what’s next.

      UB readers like to stay our of politics and social issues but I agree that this is where the fight between good and evil is happening and we should be willing to take our enlightened views into those conversations and uplift them for the better. I know that is something I’m working on doing myself.

      Thank you again Chris for your comments!

  3. If our calling or “mission” is based on “Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it”, then we should not be trying to form a new movement but to join with the thousands of people who believe they have found the “religious life of Jesus and how he lived it” in the 4th revelation and slowly bring into these existing environments the new expanded/corrected 5th revelation.

    Our numbers are small because of our arrogance through our belief in the superiority of the 5th revelation. Many times. it seems, we don’t want to get our hands dirty associating with believers of the 4th revelation. We reach out to the “fringe groups”, going to UFO and new age, UU/Humanist gatherings but don’t do a good job of reaching out to those that already have a relationship with Jesus. We should be finding common areas of belief with those of the 4th revelation, we should be getting more skilled in understanding the doctrines, histories, rituals and practices of those in the 4th revelation so we can begin to have a conversation with them on how the 5th revelation can enrich and expand their understanding of the mission of Jesus and their relationship with Jesus.

    Where are the youth?–many are in the churches based on the 4th revelation, many answering the call to start families–raising children is time consuming and many people don’t have the time to explore “new religions” until they have fulfilled their responsibilities to their children and their significant other.

    I would agree that the current UB movement is stuck in the “reader” mode, which is not very attractive for young and mid aged adults with children, and is tiresome for some who have have been reading since the 60’s and 70’s.

    The UB numbers aren’t large enough to have a huge impact in any one geographical location but we do have to move beyond the internal self congratulations that we have the 5th revelation and find value and worth in our brothers and sisters that are trying to live the 4th revelation.

    1. John the truth in your comments ring loud in true in my heart!

      I would have liked to cover in this piece the fact that so many young people are still involved in Christianity and at our local churches every weekend. Many of my friends are Christians and have told me they have a hard time with the bible but love the community, music, and service that is provided through the church.

      That is one of the main reasons I feel a need to focus our collective energy on the Gospel. It will force us to engage the world in a conversation about the 4th revelation and the newly expanded teachings included in the 5th.

      Our mission should never be to only share our common belief in the 4th to then immediately hit them with the 5th. We need to practice, as UB students, just uniting in our love and appriciation of Jesus and his love of his brothers and sisters. Simple and profound.

      Then if someone happens to ask “I’ve never heard that said about Jesus before where did you get it?” we have the opportunity to share what we know.

  4. Bless you, Teuvo — so beautifully and passionately expressed. I am in full support of refining our message around KNOWING “the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.” This directly points to the need for education and training in leadership.

    This is our calling — clear and concise. It is what’s needed to solidify our movement, build bridges to humanity, attract the youth and the dispossessed. I hear you saying we need to organize around this – distill our identity and mission.

    Knowing the religious life of Jesus informs the gospel he came to share. Our role is clearly stated here: “Let all mankind benefit from the overflow of your loving spiritual ministry, enlightening intellectual communion, and uplifting social service; but NONE OF THESE humanitarian labors, nor all of them, should be permitted to TAKE THE PLACE OF PROCLAIMING THE GOSPEL.” (178:1.11)

    And the time IS ripe! These dangerous times call for action; Urantia is quivering on the brink of momentous change. Witness the hungering of the American people this week for Pope Francis, exemplifying the love and light of the gospel through his courageous inclusivity and compassion. The visuals alone are transformative. What better time is there for us to address these matters?!

    Yes, Teuvo… “If the Christian church [and the Urantia Book Club] would only dare to espouse the Master’s program, thousands of apparently indifferent youths would rush forward to enlist in such a spiritual undertaking, and they would not hesitate to go all the way through with this great adventure.” (195:10.10)

    Your plea is timely. In a few weeks we will have the opportunity to share our vision with the religions of the world at the Parliament. Who ARE we, what IS our essence and message for today? How can we best draw the world into the greater revelation we have received? If it isn’t clarifying and sharing the gospel, what is it?

    Bless you, Teuvo, and the YaYa youth, for inspiring me in this direction. I see it as the chief endeavor of our movement in these critical days. As ambassadors of Christ Michael, we owe it you and posterity to take on this challenge.

    Pamela Chaddock

    1. Thank you Pamela for your constant support and much needed wisdom! Your words are clear and your understanding of what we need to do, and where we need to go is right on!

      I think we need leadership to take on this new era of evangelism. I’m not sure organizations are capable creating the future I think they are better at supporting the organic direction those in the field are already forging.

      There is change coming and I want to be a part of it. I want the world to know Jesus as I know him. I want the world to love Jesus as I love him!

      Today there was another school shooting… 13 people died because one of our brothers was so lost he thought the only way to be found was to hurt others and make a statement. This is the world we live in. The religious institutions are failing our culture and we must create a grass roots movement to step up and help fill this spiritual hole.

      Are Urantian’s up to this task? I really don’t know.

  5. The Pope is a very evil man, though you won’t see this covered on TV. It’s shocking to hear him praised for his comments, because his comments are deception.

    The current Pope is a Jesuit. Have none of you studied the evil history of the Jesuits? Don’t you understand that the Evil Rulers of this planet are just now making their final, potentially lethal moves against humanity?

    Until you wake up from your slumber, the youth will pay you no heed.

    1. Chris,

      How is it that you woke up from your slumber? The Pope is speaking truth to error no matter what some of his failures may be.

      I would be the first to debate anyone on even the need of a Pope but I can not ignore the truth when I hear it. I belive in my heart he has good intentions and that is what I will focus on. When I find sound evidence of the contrary I might change my beliefs as it sounds you have.

      Thank you for your comments Chris.

  6. Hi Tuevo, I continue to appreciate your enthusiasm, earnestness and commitment to promulgating the U.B. teachings, but I think a different focus might be helpful. For one thing, as you so aptly point out in your article, the Urantia “movement,” is a readership, hardly the kind of identity or mission to inspire passionate participation. So how can getting more readers actually change that?
    Furthermore, while knowing what Jesus believed and his ideals are might be the most important thing for us to know, unless one is motivated to find that out, it has no relevance to people.
    I would refer you to the section in the book when Jesus is talking to Ganid about what is lacking in the “heathen” that they encountered on the road: “He was not dissatisfied with himself, hungry for the truth, willing to ask for help and the eyes of his mind were not open to receive light for his soul.” I’m persuaded that these 4 criteria are very instructive in helping us determine who might be “hungry” to know Jesus and his “incomparable teachings.”
    I think we have to be aware of what is challenging young people and then carefully build a bridge to revelation, keeping in mind that we don’t just want to spawn more “readers,” but to enroll young people who will go “all the way–to not only know what Jesus ideals and beliefs were, but to become transformative agents of love and catalysts for spiritual evolution. And as you probably know so well, “And further recall that the power of any idea lies, not in its certainty or truth, but rather in the vividness of its human appeal.”
    It might also be informative to consider why Islam is the fastest growing religion-a religion of authority, if there ever was one. What need is it satisfying? And the same can be said of Mormonism. Again what need? How can we adapt our understanding and desire to share what we believe is such a great and liberating truth to the needs that apparently are being met by these religions of authority?
    Anyway. I really value your putting yourself out there and the passion you bring to it. I hope to hear your response to these perspectives.
    Your bro, Errol

  7. Hi Teuvo and folks reading,

    Thank you for the ongoing dedication to see youth know the life of Jesus and how he lived it. Right on target.

    I know you asked, “Where are the youth” and you refer to the Urantia youth. But I would like to answer the question in a different way. Dr. Sadler wanted ministers trained and ordained, and Dr. Sprunger wanted to see churches formed. But we took another direction and here we are. So, I’d like to answer the question in this way.

    –There are in YWAM (Youth with a Mission) 18,000 full-time volunteers in 1,800 locations in 180 countries. Over half of these are in non-Western nations. They train 25,000 youth volunteers per year. My older daughters were a part of it.
    –The youth of our churches attended hundreds of youth camps this summer.
    –They are in Sunday school, scouts, AWANA, church choirs and worship teams, and in Christian grade, high school, and colleges.

    This is all possible because of churches, which the UBook says is one of the three basic institutions of society: home, school, and church.

    The Angels of the Churches are obviously very active . . . but no so much with us. I think the answer to your important question lies here. Before finding the Book, I was in the Jesus movement. My long-haired friends grew up and started schools, churches, publishing houses, missions, and many became pastors, evangelists, and teachers. They are around the world now in service.

    Much of the readership apparently pride themselves in that they have nothing of that. But look at the result. It is seen in the group photo you attached. The Serapahim are waiting and watching for some good decisions. You and some of the rest are at the vanguard. But mark well the direction. Remember.


    –Bro. Joshua

  8. Wholeheartedly agree!!!

    As a young “convert” (discovered this book in my online research about 3 years ago when I was 28 years old) this had an earth-shattering effect on my life. Literally had to go it alone after my friends/family rejected me (a price worth paying for Truth). However, it was met with some disappointment at the seeming lack of organization/goals within the movement.

    Coming from the background of a very organized group, the Jehovah’s Witnesses (some call it a high control group/cult), I see the advantages of giving youth a purpose and CLEAR DIRECTION. Make them feel like part of something big. Give them a sense of MISSION. Critics of the Jehovah’s Witnesses will over-look these areas (i.e. large movement of youth within the religion), but it’s not just because of control – this movement gives them clear direction and CURRENT counsel (nothing vague, nothing merely theoretical, nothing soft). And because of this there is a large population of youth in Jehovah’s Witness gatherings. Youth want clear boundaries, they thrive on it. They will look up to leaders who speak with authority. Even if the direction isn’t perfect, they will appreciate someone giving clear/concise/logical direction over none at all. Actually, humanity thrives on this, not just youth. Youth naturally want to make movement (fidget), we naturally want to explore….anything but stagnate.

    Aside from leadership and tangibleness, youths want what is CURRENT (got to be “cool”). What’s cool? To make something real. Illustrate by example. Be REALISTIC. Don’t be cheesy! lol. Show why “going about doing good” (as Jesus did) is THE way to go. Show them that it’s not “old fashioned” to be loving….except, use different words such as “respect”. Don’t sound airy fairy. Make them understand that there’s more to life than them, and to serve others is the greatest privilege that ultimately benefits them in the long run. Don’t get too philosophical, again, keep it real/current. People who’s idea of a good time (e.g. getting drunk at the weekend) don’t care that much about history/theology. What they DO care about is what affects them here and now (career choices, feeling accepted/important/validated, being part of something etc). People who’ve come from broken homes (e.g. an alcoholic mother and an absent father) want to know where to go from here and now. They don’t want “unrealistic” theories from someone who in their mind “had it made” and had no psychological challenges.

    Thirdly; something important to establish once a group has garnered momentum = KEEPING the fire alight. How do you do this? Coals on a fire go out when in isolation, but keep them together and they heat each other up! That’s the key point, not telling people what to do all the time (preaching/proselytizing), but SHARING your experiences. This again is how to reach the youth, keep it current/real! That’s why facebook is such a success. People, especially youths, are interested in other people’s affairs. Here’s where conventions come in handy. A gathering where people can mostly socialize and be built up by hearing their experiences/developments. Let’s say this happens 2-3 x a year, and we have volunteer speakers (maybe a systematic rotation amongst study groups in an area). Do you think this will be something to look forward to? Yes! Youth will get chance to meet others their own age and expand their circle of friends. This again is something youth DESIRE (to feel popular). How uplifting would it be to hear demonstrations, experiences and advice on REAL world occurrences (in a witty and humorous manner) and not just “study”??? It would be comical, it will be realistic, and it will be current (something everyone can relate to). Not to be forgotten is giving people a sense of DUTY (excitement) too, and it will not be something apathetically forgotten about. People don’t get excited about vague choices, they want clear direction and simple attainable goals.

    As a side bonus, it alleviates any doctrinal pressure because all you’re doing is sharing your LIVING experiences (with its ups and downs). We’re not interested in making people Urantia book readers, but rather, KINGDOM believers. Everyone loves a personal story (hence one of the reasons why Jesus used illustrations). So not only will the youth feel connected, your neighbor, friends or even colleagues can come to these yearly organized conventions without feeling preached at. It’s an ideal opportunity to invite lonely elderly people, or others who feel dejected in society (much as Jesus reached out to the “skinned and thrown about people without a shepherd”).

    Anyway, hopefully others can relate to this to some extent 🙂

  9. After hearing many stories about how people obtained the Urantia Book, I’m convinced it was brought to the attention of many people between 1965 and 1980 by spiritual beings operating outside of conscious human awareness. I tend to doubt that there will ever again be a period of awakening quite like that one. The real problem now is that The Urantia Book was written for intelligent people and many intelligent people have become convinced that science has shown that evolution was mindless and mechanistic, and was accomplished by chance and necessity, in other words by the laws of probability and physics.

    However, good scientists, even atheistic ones, are discovering that an intelligent agent must have been involved in designing the amazingly sophisticated processes that occur at the molecular level that make life possible. It’s true that mutations and natural selection have played a part also, but but most of the processes must have been guided in some way in their development, especially the origin of life. The atheists say that time made our wondrous bodies possible, but calculations have shown that only eternity would be long enough for that to be true.

    Likewise scientists have discovered the fine tuning of physical constants that have also made the universe and the lives within it possible. My point is that slowly intelligent people will become aware of the great intelligence at work in the universe and not immediately dismiss people who claim to have experienced God in their lives. The atheists will no longer be able to preemptively block the reception of spiritual truths with specious arguments. Then The Urantia Book will find a larger audience.

  10. Hey Teuvo! Great article and great replies…and opportunity to reply. You are an excellent writer and I value your opinions and request for a clear mission. Having been a reader since the 70’s and having experienced the fervour of the movement, the ups and downs and disappointments and divisions and now a rather isolated and loving worker in the Kingdom, I love the ideas presented above! I love the idea of gathering. What might a format be “to tell our stories”? Must we be a writer or trained speaker to begin this. I’m aware that the Mormons train their little children in public speaking. How might we even begin to tell our stories? I love listening to the stories of others. Not sure I can tell my own and I have been trained as a teacher! Yikes! At home in Canada’s small-town life, I have many young friends. I tend to change the language from using God or Jesus, to higher consciousness, take time to walk and listen, watch water…share your thoughts, open the door for someone, a smile goes a long, long way…in fact, lets GO for a walk! This allows me to be a mentor of sorts, without the wall of Jesus talk. I agree with the thoughts around our primary goal being knowing the life of Jesus, but in my experience my young friends want nothing to do with the “words” and have everything to do with “how” they behave in this world and “how” they really listen to themselves. Somewhere in evolution we find ourselves. I always say thank God for eternity and have great faith that the Most Highs rule in the hearts of men and women! My Urantia Book is evident in my library, with all its many secondary works.Its a curiosity, Im sure for these young folk. They keep coming over but few actually pick up the book. Perhaps it is just the first “hit” of seeing it?
    Thanks for your work and providing venues for the old and young to respond with ideas. Mine is clearly, “How do we tell our stories?” Love ya!! Georgie

    1. Hope nobody minds me butting in here, but I too love the idea of gathering! Being in the Scottish highlands it can feel a bit isolating at times, especially when one goes from a big communal religion (JWs) to no community (other than the connections I make with day to day people).

      I was trying my best to put my finger on what was making me feel down at times (afterall – how can anyone with this type of Revelation feel sad???). I have good friends, and I meet lots of people. So what’s wrong? I was ecstatic upon first discovery of the UB, but noticed a decline later on. After much soul searching I realized an often over-looked ingredient – the worship urge to share one’s experiences and feel connected on the same level! It’s amazing because personality wise, I’m extremely independent and self reliant…but at the end of the day STILL need to know others on the same page (on the same journey, going through the same trials and hurdles). I still need someone to relate to, even though you may feel “strong” internally. That is the missing ingredient; to find others who basically “take the words right out of your mouth”. You don’t particularly miss theology, doctrine, science, philosophy etc, you miss having someone else in the same boat! The thing that glues people together.

      This is where conventions, or even weekly meetings come in. Something definite and not left open to apathy. Some sort of “worship gathering” blueprint that is easily followed without it having dogmatic leadership. A simple, solid, no pressure interchange where like-minded people can socialize and uplift each other. This is not so much a teaching/study environment, but rather, a sharing environment (which incidentally, paints a thousand words to the soul anyway).

      What sort of format?

      General invites can go out, but mainly through word of mouth. Donations can be collected at the event to cover the cost of renting the grounds/hall. So long as people know it’s a consistent thing (almost a moral duty to support the brotherhood), they will be more likely to support it year after year.

      Each convention can have a different theme to it, ideally based upon general feedback of the brotherhood. Just now we’re talking about “keeping the message alive”, so that could be the theme of one convention. The main theme could be developed via other people’s experiences “in the field”. “What works?” “How did they overcome obstacles?” “How did they feel?” “Where do they see themselves?” Etc. This could be interjected with slightly off topic experiences (to keep people’s attention in case they’re not in tune with a particular theme). Every 20-40 minutes there could be a new item or speaker(s) for the purpose of keeping attention span going. Breaks would be ideal for socializing/pick-nicks (quiet music can be played, and food can be provided in tents or something).

      After basic introduction from a chairman where he tells about the convention’s theme (the why’s etc), a brief talk can be given based on quotes from the UB. Nothing too deep or biased, just keeping to main points. This is also an opportunity to keep the brotherhood in the loop (regarding the movement) all from one place (rather than scattered sources) – another reason why this format should be centralized in some form, then simply copied for local territories. It could be a worldwide event, except happening in different locations and times. (Something to make people feel part of something big). After that, the bulk of the convention can be filled with interviews (where experiences, feelings, and general tips can be shared). Obviously, nobody would be put on the spot since interviewees would be selected long beforehand. No pressure would be put on anyone.

      It’s not hard to keep people’s attention with this kind of format because it’s personal, often funny and heartwarming 🙂 This should be something to remember each time, and looked forward to. It should be something that even non-religious people enjoy and appreciate – something that makes them DESIRE what we have.

  11. Hi Teuvo….my favorite quote, “Go teach the Gospel, & if you have to, use words.” That’s what the Pope has been doing. Rumor has it he knows about the Urantia Book. ❤️, peace & kindness Bro!

  12. Dear Teuvo,

    Excellent question. Good responses. My thought: keep our mission simple. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Study the life and teachings of Jesus. And bring young people into a practical, down-to-earth economy where they can co-operate to produce food, fuel, fiber, housing, transport, in a way that helps people and planet.

    In Homer, Alaska we have a thriving immigrant class of young people who come in either as WWOOFers or to work in the fishing economy. The young people stay in Homer because Homer welcomes hard-working folks. Young people socialize in Homer’s convivial communities, mate, and often remain in Homer to raise young families. Young people go where they find sustaining economy and community.

    Some of Homer’s communities are deeply Christian. Reaching out to Christian pastors is an excellent way to spread the message of Urantia. I gave “Jesus, A New Revelation” to my cousin, a minister of music and worship in the Church of Christ. He read it, loved it, then said, “This is clearly part of a larger work. What is that larger work?” I do believe this pattern could be repeated many times over.

    Blessings and thanks for your good work at the Gathering at the Hood.

  13. Teuvo, totally agree with your assessment of the current UB community (was going to use the phrase “UB movement” but realized that’s exactly what we aren’t…. and to your point, no movement in our group) I agree that something remarkable must have happened in the 60’s and 70’s to bring so many new readers to the Book and to keep them studying….but that was then….what now?

    I am a relatively new reader, less than 2 years, however I’m of your parents generation so I have a little bit different perspective in that I spent over 30 years going down the rabbit hole with many spiritual paths before finding the UB.

    I think a lot of my generation we were DONE with preachers and religious institutions telling us their way and their rules were the ONLY way to God. Many of us searched for paths that took us inwards and motivated us to explore what it meant to be “human” rather than Catholic, Methodist, etc. And I don’t like admitting it now, but Jesus was a dirty word to me….so much evil done in his name….I just could not reconcile his message of love with the hate and hypocrisy I saw in Christianity. I wanted to get far, far away from anyone and anything that smelled of institutional religion. I’m guessing many of my generation felt the same way which is why the UB hit a strong chord and why so many have continued to this day with only individual and small group study.

    …that was then…now what?

    Truth, beauty and goodness in action is what comes to mind. Youth groups in service to the “TBG”. Seems to me that what captures their attention is flash mobs, crowd-funding, the Occupy Movement, young leaders like Malala Yousafzai.

    Creative, radical, surprising demonstrations of the good that lives in their hearts and is just bursting to get out.

    How do we get it out of them and into the world? A project I’d love to work on.

  14. I was one of “those” in the 60s who found the Urantia Book. I was in my early 20s and hungry for truth as were those who also found the book during those years; our common thread was that we were hungry for truth. And that hunger was fed by the fruits of our searches ending – for me – when I bought my first edition off the shelf of Martindale’s Bookstore in Santa Monica, CA. And this story is echoed by many who have come to the book since then – and will likely continue that way for countless others in the future. Our unseen friends and the Spirit of Truth are mighty forces in aiding those who seek truth.

    I too miss seeing young faces in our midst – and at the Gathering – but I have no doubts that “the universe is unfolding as it should”. Make no mistake, “the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men” and there are enormous efforts at play to bring truth to 606. I appreciate the efforts to bring book to our youth, but I must confess I am reminded of a story about a horse and some water regarding this effort. I am glad there are so much work underway to bring to the attention of our youth the availability of the book and its wonderful teachings, especially those that Jesus so plentifully gave us.

    I appreciate too, the efforts of those who literally “gave birth” to the Gathering in the Hood” and am grateful for their coordinated efforts; it was a soul-enriching time for 90 faith-based brothers and sisters. I look forward to the next one and perhaps we will see more than a half dozen members of the UCPNW who are not on social security; but no matter – I’m not worried that the work will continue and that those with younger blood than mine will join our earthly spiritual kingdom here in the glorious Pacific Northwest.

    Michael Hill

  15. For the first time in history, the Pope is a Jesuit. Those who think this is not a big deal should read, for example, this web page:


    I sense a lot of complacency on the part of UB readers in this group. While you are physically (economically) comfortable, many in the nation and around the world are suffering horribly.

    Do you think that the Jesuits are really the “Society of Jesus” or is this possibly an outrageous, Luciferian claim?

    You had better get the answer right.

  16. I had an interesting encounter this summer which made me rethink about putting the Urantia Book ahead of love and service to the planet….a kind of epiphany in acknowledging that the early followers did not run around sharing Jesus…they had a message of sonship but they ministered!

    I had set a goal of collecting trash on the beaches and lighthouse where i swim (servicise to replace exercise). Little did i know young people were watching me. About a week into cleaning, some youth literally came running after me on the beach and said, “we want to help”. Over their holiday, they and others organized to clean…chatting and cleaning. In the end, we will all try to create a group for next summer and invite more youth to participate. One university student actually asked me what i believe about Allah. I suspect this young man will be the first Turkish young person, reading the Urantia Book.
    Similar to Habitat for Humanity, the UB community is missing a formal and direct connection to love and service, where we are seen and stand as an attractor for who we are and what we believe. Study is wonderful but youth beg to be engaged in worthy projects.

    And bless the Fellowship for sponsoring your ministry and Urantia-Now!

  17. Unless we connect the teachings of the UB to the hot button topics of our times, the message of the UB will stay confined to a few privileged living rooms across the world.

    We need a superfluous presentation of the teachings and how they relate to topics such as:

    social media use
    feminism/men’s rights
    income inequality
    war funding
    reforming education
    extra terrestrial life
    violence rape murder
    money and its effective use
    finding purpose and meaning
    gender equality vs gender differences
    reforming education

    and ya-miss u Tev


  18. A point of Clarification regarding this post that I am responding to. Teuvo and I did have a brief conversation this week regarding his most recent post. He told me that this post was written before he went to the Gathering at the Hood, Sept 17-20. He also stated at the end of his post:
    ” I feel like I could write 20,000 words about this subject. How to attract and inspire young spiritually minded youth to find and understand revelation. There is no one answer. It really is all wrapped up in how we each move towards following the Masters leading and being true cosmic citizens. I’d love to hear your thought for the future of our movement.”

    I encourage you Teuvo to write a follow up article regarding your impressions of the Gathering at the Hood of 90 people for 3 and 1/2 days, that included fellowship, fun, music, worship service, discovery circles, intimate conversational time and much more. Your article has merit but it is unclear to your audience (at least to me), who you are directing your question to. Was it a generic question to UB leaders, or what it to our organizations or was sit to the Gathering? Or were you asking that question to the Youth and YoungAdults??? Clarify that please and if you are directing your question to the planners of the Gathering at the Hood, I am sure any one of us would be happy to answer that question and could extensively explain our vision, mission and strategies for what was created.

    I hope that you had the opportunity to meet and listen to many of the new readers that came to this event. And I hope that you got to listen or meet the many supporters of these teachings that had never been to any gathering at all.

    Let us all bring our thoughts, ideas, strategies and trust together to discover what is happening, or where changes need to be made and to give thanks to the very many that have walked their path of spiritual and social evolution.

    I look forward to the continuing dialogue. I am very excited by history and the vitality of our Pacific Northwest region. These teachings of Jesus will emerge. The evidence is all around us. My personal opinion is that it is our ego that is attached to time of attainment.

    Yours in Loving Service,
    Barb Maier


  19. Regarding Chris Russell’s Comment on the Pope:
    I can sense in your words that your intellect has created a filter which is preventing you from perceiving the broader reality when it comes to religious leaders. I feel badly that your mind has reached such negatively extreme conclusions, and that you feel it necessary to promote these conclusions to others who may be damaged by your thoughts. I would hope that you reflect on both your need to express these opinions, and the origins of these radical judgments formulated in your mind. We should all be on guard to not allow our fears to be catalysts for extreme thinking and behaviors, because we end up doing more damage than good in the movement towards light and life. The Urantia Book was given to us to help us avoid this tendency in all areas of material and spiritual matters. I hope you will find peace within your mind in this area of your life.

  20. I’ve experienced this UB community for the last 17 months. Some people are now my very best friends in ministry. Some of us are working right alongside of each other online in an attempt to create communication opportunities in social media to uplift the truths Of Jesus…this personal spiritual religion of the Father fragment. The revelators instructed us to go back and understand how Jesus prepared and worked His ministry and to do it that way as well. So, that’s what we are doing. And we are having a blast. In the 2nd part of the year we will introduce the social (in person) part of our ministry strategy. This is not a church or an organized religion. It’s a ministry. We are gonna take our authors at their very words and try to do what they have asked us to do.
    196:1.2 The time is ripe to witness the figurative resurrection of the human Jesus from his burial tomb amidst the theological traditions and the religious dogmas of nineteen centuries. Jesus of Nazareth must not be longer sacrificed to even the splendid concept of the glorified Christ. What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions! Surely the Christian fellowship of believers will not hesitate to make such adjustments of faith and of practices of living as will enable it to “follow after” the Master in the demonstration of his real life of religious devotion to the doing of his Father’s will and of consecration to the unselfish service of man. (Note that they say ‘presented’ to the church and all other religions. WHO is gonna do this presenting? Well, Living Truths believes that we can play some small part and enjoy each other in the process)
    196:1.3 To “follow Jesus” means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master’s life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.
    195:10.10 If the Christian church would only dare to espouse the Master’s program, thousands of apparently indifferent youths would rush forward to enlist in such a spiritual undertaking, and they would not hesitate to go all the way through with this great adventure. (Although they are talking about the Christian church here…the message still applies. The youth will rally to these truths!)
    Great writing Teuvo! I’d love to visit with you sometime. In any event…keep rockin’ for Jesus, my brother. And you can sure bet…we will too! Blessings~ Lucy Norwood

  21. Teuvo,

    Hey there! I’m a new member and feel extremely blessed that adverse life events have led me to discover The Urantia Book and it’s Fellowship. I did not grow up in the church, although I was born in what is considered one of our nation’s holiest cities, Charleston, SC. I have always had a strong relationship with God, though much of it I spent asking “why me?”. A decade or so ago, I began to understand the reasons why He has put me through such trials and tribulations. I am enthused that I have found your fellowship.

    I just submitted my application this morning, applied to start a study group in my local area, and made a donation to the Pipeline of Light . I have informed fellow believers about The Urantia Book, but thus far none have ever heard of it. Since I began reading it last year, it has been my intention to live each day as Jesus did and organically spread the message within The Urantia Book. It is not as though kindness, grace, and forgiveness were not always integral parts of my life approach, but The Urantia Book has profoundly expanded my knowledge and increased my daily joy in doing so.

    The Urantia Book crossed my path just prior to my 32nd birthday in late Aug/early Sept of 2015 following some tumultuous family events. I could not be more grateful for its arrival in my life. I have some ideas regarding the expansion of the Urantia teachings to world youth and increasing membership of Millennials and generations to come. The time is now. Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you!

  22. Hi Teuvo and Lindsey! This is Dylan from Canberra, I’m 31. There are few young readers in Australia at this time. My thinking is that to encourage more UB Youth around the world we need programs that coordinate the current youth, and programs that are aimed at attracting more youth, the best people to run these programs are the youth.

    If you have any ideas, and would like further discussion, contact me at “dylanr@y7mail.com”.

    Cheers, and love,

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