Community 2.0

Live Webcast with Urantia Foundation President, Mo Siegel

The Urantia Book Society of Los Angeles is excited to invite you to a new way of society gatherings.  This Sunday September 27th will be our first webcast society gathering !!  And who better to inaugurate this new style of community gathering than the president and trustee of the Urantia Foundation himself, Mo Siegel.  Mo will be giving a presentation on ‘Passing the Revelation to Future Generations – The Challenge Ahead’.

This Workshop: Current and future leaders are needed to solve the challenges faced by the human managers of the Revelation. A vital leadership transition to younger generations must occur.

This workshop will probe what’s worked in the past, where we are today, and look into the future. We’ll review data on global Urantia Book sales, Urantia Book reader’s habits, and religious trends among younger people.
Group discussion and participation is encouraged. Let’s formulate solutions for how to align with our unseen supervisors to shape a positive future.

The event will go live at 3 pm PST and all those interested in tuning in can log into:

Simply follow the onscreen instructions


We will also be experimenting by making this an interactive webcast.  Viewers can text their questions to 714-332-2372 and get an answer live during the presentation.

We look forward to having you there.

If you have any comments or questions about the event, please post them in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Community 2.0”

  1. Congratulation !
    I expect to see the webcast.
    I understand that the onair time in Korea will be
    07:45 Sept 28, Monday.

    Byung Seo, a reader in Korea

  2. It is a very good initiative, but I regret that some of us living in the third World Countries may not be able to follow on live, as the internet connection in some of our African Countries sometime is too slow to follow an event live.
    Maybe you may think of a way inwhich those who are in such Countries can also take part somehow.
    Peace and Love. Be bless.
    Paul Tsekar ( Yaounde Cameroon )

  3. HI All
    Will this event be posted up on the net somewhere so we can catch it at a later time and date…. for those of us in different time-zones?

    Always in LOVE

  4. thank you for this broadcast, UBLA, and to Mo for his vision. Will this broadcast and future ones be viewable after the showing date? I will be gone for David’s next month and would like to see it at some point. Please let me know. Bless you!
    Pamela Chaddock

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