Month: April 2013


Language changes.  Words change.  Word meanings change.  As human consciousness expands and evolves, our language must change in order to facilitate expression.  But sometimes the changes aren’t for such lofty reasons.  For the sake of efficiency, words that once had multiple meanings in popular usage can become attached to only one meaning.  The word “afterlife” is …

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Worth 1000 Words

I would like to Honor, for their financial support – Victoria Clark –  – The Urantia Book Fellowship –  Carolynn Wotman Geoffrey Theiss Richard Daunt Janice Bartlett Lauren Cline Michelle Klimesh Maria Farrera Hiram Romero Cassandra Orjala Thomas Orjala Lisa Crowetom Tom Choquette Pamela Chaddock Huge thanks to everyone who provided a place to stay, …

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