Omaha Conference Experience

Van Sawyer – 2018

On May 17th 2018 I attended a YaYA (Youth and Young Adults) retreat in Omaha Nebraska, entitled: “Deepening Spiritual Community” This was a retreat sponsored by the Urantia Book Fellowship. Having the opportunity to attend the YaYA retreat was a refreshing experience for me. For a while now I have been looking for a group consisting of likeminded individuals that I can talk about spiritual subjects with. I found exactly what I have been looking for at the YaYA retreat.

The retreat location was comfortable and spacious, and it was nice having a roommate because it gave me the opportunity to get to know a new person on a deeper level. Meal times were also a great time to socialize and get to know other people.  We all mostly helped with the preparations and cleaning up after the meals. April Helen was the main cook and really outdid herself! I especially appreciate that even though I have dietary restrictions, she was able to accommodate them.

One our first activities, we sat in a circle and went around sharing introductions, and a little bit about who we all are on a personal level. As we went around the circle, I was able to open up to the group even though there were many people that I did not know. I learned so much on this retreat. One of the things I learned while in a discussion I had about Jesus with Derek Samaras. I found it intriguing that the Urantia book states that Jesus experienced the full gamut of human feelings and emotions. Another valuable takeaway from the retreat was that I learned about the different kinds of angels serving on the Seraphic Planetary Government during an activity we did. This activity invited us to choose among which groups of these angels we wanted to work with, by using our God given talents to serve our people and planet.

My favorite day was the day we went hiking in the park. I had many insightful conversations during this hiking trip. I was able to connect and learn so much about other people and their lives. I was also able to be part of a support system for someone who had a hard day.

I met many beautiful souls on my trip, and because of the kindness I have received from the YaYAS,  I have chosen to extend the kindness in reciprocal fashion by offering the YaYA group a free place to stay if they are ever in Kentucky. I look forward to having many more valuable experiences with the YaYAS now and into the future.

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