Circles of Trust: An Experience in Soul Sharing

with Gard Jameson, Bobbie Dreier, Marta Elders and Carol Schindler

“Happiness and joy take place in the inner life.” (111:4.7)

The preconference retreat at IC’17 will provide a space where the shy soul feels safe, an experience which favors religious growth by “…sharing one’s spiritual life with one’s fellows.” ( 108:1.8)

By listening to spiritually evocative stories and poetry, and through deep respectful listening we’ll support each other in our personal spiritual journeys. Participants will enjoy extended periods of communion, a worshipful time leading to loving service.

Circles of Trust are based on principles described in A Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer and participants are required to read the book in preparation for the retreat.

If you feel moved to learn how to “love by listening” in an experience designed to increase your soul consciousness you are invited to join us for this summer’s Circles of Trust.

The retreat begins on Monday, July 17th after dinner, meets all day and evening on Tuesday, and Wednesday morning until lunch. You may register for the retreat at www.IC’

Participation will be limited to 30 attendees.

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