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richard_thumbBy Richard S. Omura

The Urantia Book has many concepts that could benefit the world. However, it appears many of the concepts are too difficult for the average person to apply to their daily lives. It’s been my endeavor for a long time to make much of this information relevant to the world by harmonizing it with popular philosophy. This is my latest effort, soon to be a book.

This is a very ambitious project. The chances of it succeeding are slim, but its effect to the world could be so beneficial that I must give it a shot.

Information from spiritual sources such as The Urantia Book tells us what we must do. To be good. Truthful. Loving. Wise. Service oriented, return good for evil, etc.

But it is one thing to know what to do, and another thing to know how to do it. The revelators didn’t make the UB a “how-to” book. We have to figure out the details on self-mastery ourselves. This we can do by having many experiences with spiritual reality. By expanding our horizons to include concepts from many sources, from many wisdom traditions and discoveries, our world view and cosmic consciousness is enhanced. After all, that is the endeavor of the revelators regarding The Urantia Book as it is stated in the Foreword. “To expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception.” And cosmic consciousness and spiritual perception begins with the whole individual.

Many of the world’s problems could be attributed to people not being whole. To not be whole is to have conflict within the heart. Conflict within the heart results in the many problems people have in their life. It is the age old battle between the flesh and the spirit that causes substance abuse, bad relationships, violence, obesity, unhealthy activities, hate, crime and war.

If people could be made whole, so that there is no inner conflict within, the result would immediately impact the person and the world for the good.

It is written that Hitler was the cause of WWII and 50 million deaths. Psychologists say he did what he did because he was sexually and emotionally repressed. He was not whole. Looking at news footage, we can see that his face is a mask hiding aspects of himself he could not face. To be not whole means to be unable to face the dark, unwanted aspects of oneself.

In 1975, James W. Prescot, a neuropsychologist contended that the greatest threat to world peace comes from those nations which have the most depriving environments for their children and which are most repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality. He also writes that violence against sexuality and the use of sexuality for violence, particularly against women, has very deep roots in religious tradition.

Any kind of emotional suppression, whether sexual or not, can lead to schism within the soul. When we refuse to see ourselves as who we truly are, we are not whole, and our actions are unbalanced, unstable and often destructive of ourselves and our environment.

If even one possible Hitler could be made whole in his youth, how many lives could be saved?

If we can get at the root cause, we should be able to nip much of this in the bud. The problem is that it is a complicated process if explained psychoanalytically, and we can’t put the whole world on a couch. Even if we could, psychoanalysis stops short of spirituality and the process of becoming whole has elements of the spiritual that crosses the boundaries between religion, philosophy and science.

So I thought that what is needed is a short, easy to use process which is fun, enjoyable and inspiring that only needs to be read to be effective. Using the highest concepts from the world’s storehouse of wisdom it is something that anybody, anywhere could use, irrespective of age, religion, gender, race or economic status. By using imagery, poetry, logic, scientific discoveries and spiritual insights, it works on subconscious and superconscious levels to effect change from the deepest core of one’s being.

Impossible? Maybe. But give it a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Here it is:

“A journey of a thousand miles starts from the first step.”

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1 thought on “Center of the Soul”

  1. Richard.
    Wonderful to read your writing so often here… keep it up … always inspiring! to the soul. our journey is of trillions of trillions of miles and starts with our first steps of faltering faith. the whole trip of the soul is about using its faith muscles and the will/choice for goodness imbedded in our personalities. its easy to know and to say, but to constantly do good is another mile along the path to Paradise.
    I find self discipline incredibly difficult even though they say it is not – if we have living faith in the gospel… ask many readers what the gospel of the kingdom really is? and they wont be able to tell you clearly.. Christ actually used the metaphor in 5 different ways but the most important meaning is to establish that intimate … contact… with the Father in us.. TO IDENTIFY WITH HIM.
    THEN we are in His Kingdom…
    in our soul
    in our dual mind
    in our soul mind
    in coordination with our Adjuster’s Divine Mind
    in our superconscious mind.
    in transcendent happiness and peace.
    Not as easy as it sounds
    but doable.
    love and light to ALL

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