A New Paradigm

tevWe, the Urantia Community, are in need of an awakening but there are different ways to wake up. You can quietly sit by someone’s side, put your hand on their shoulder and whisper “wake up”, or you can CLAP your hands and scare the crap out of them. Which one do you think would work?

There is a new paradigm that is being created by the work of this tour and that is, “Traveling Evangelism.” That in fact, we actually can and should be training and promoting “Positive Missionary Evangels” of the Revelation. Individuals who can travel the country, and world, with a specific mission of disseminating the teachings as well as creating networks and community with current readers. The Raising Awareness Tour has accomplished that already with great success.

Readers we have visited have said things liketheir lives and work inspired all of us to keep learning new ways to share the amazing revelation we are so blessed to have” and “they have me and others thinking about what we can do to promote outreach locally, more animatedly, and with greater zest, zeal, and verve.  Teuvo’s self-styled self-reference as an ‘Evangelist for the Urantia Revelation’ alone, has engendered in us a greater enthusiasm for sharing the revelation and attempting to embody its values more directly, unguardedly–even boldly!!”

It’s an honor to hear my fellow brethren excited and enrolled in this paradigm we are literally bringing to life with every day this work continues. What I have started to realize is that this is the beginning of a new era in our culture. A time when we are training young leaders to go out proclaiming boldly and proudly that the Revelation is here! Supported and encouraged by a worldwide network of believers who together make it possible to travel and work for the Kingdom with great efficiency.

A number of reasons have been factors in why we have been slow to make this aspect of our movement one of great importance, even though the Publication Mandate itself states An early publication of the book has been provided so that it may used for the training of leaders and teachers.” The reality is we are all crystal clear as to what we are called to accomplish. Before Jesus left our world Urantia he clearly stated our mission and his reason for living a life in the flesh. I quote “There is but one law to obey — that is the command to go forth proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good news of eternal life to your fellows who languish in darkness and hunger for the light of truth.”

What I am learning while traveling with the purpose of sharing these teaching is that I’m doing much more than just evangelizing. I am growing, I am serving, and without a doubt in my heart I am doing the Father’s will.

I encourage you reading this to consider how to help contribute to this work. There are a thousand ways and we need help with every one of them. Just imagine a core of a hundred young talented missionaries always touring the world placing books, meeting with leaders, working with study groups, and transforming the culture 365 days a year. This is the goal we are working towards. This is what our master instructed us to accomplish. Is the time now? CLAP!!




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7 thoughts on “A New Paradigm”

  1. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. -Dale Carnegie

  2. Teuvo has inspired me as well. His post on “Against all Odds” will stay with me and it encourages me to ‘act’.

  3. Great post Teuvo! I love your enthusiasm! There is a need for outreach, but keep in mind that the quote you posted was Jesus speaking to Philip, not a commandment to all of us. We can’t all be traveling evangelists, as I’m sure you realize. Loyalty to social obligations is also an important balancing factor to consider.

    (100:6.5) But true religion is a living love, a life of service. The religionist’s detachment from much that is purely temporal and trivial never leads to social isolation, and it should not destroy the sense of humor. Genuine religion takes nothing away from human existence, but it does add new meanings to all of life; it generates new types of enthusiasm, zeal, and courage. It may even engender the spirit of the crusader, which is more than dangerous if not controlled by spiritual insight and loyal devotion to the commonplace social obligations of human loyalties.

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