michelleI went to an epic party when I was about twenty years old. I made some new friends, one of whom told me about The Urantia Book during one if our philosophical discussions. This resulted in an immediate and life-long love affair with the Revelation. It satiated my burning appetite for truth ,a gift for which I am immeasurably appreciative. It was, however, a lone journey. In six years, I never met another who knew of the life-giving book. Never did I succeed in my attempts at bringing friends and family to drink from this well of truth. Happily, I stumbled upon the YaYA group on the internet a few weeks before the event this April in Gloucester, MA. I signed up immediately. Never did I expect to find such a warm, intelligent, and enlightened group of young people. It was thoroughly life changing, mentally refreshing, and spiritually awakening. During our first meeting, I looked around and knew these people would be part of the rest of my life. I now have restored hope in humanity’s future, and an awareness that young UB readers have a large part to play in it. I am exceedingly grateful to those from the Fellowship who made this monumental event possible.

Michael Viviano