On April 18-21, against the backdrop of current events that held the greater Boston area in fear, the YaYA Committee held its fifth Youth and Young Adult Conference in Gloucester, MA on the theme of Regeneration. This was one of the most powerful examples of love destroying hate that many of us have experienced. Over thirty young people attended the conference. Here are a few of their voices:


This weekend has markedly influenced me and undoubtedly changed the course of my life. It was true, beautiful, and good in ways I had not anticipated. I am currently experiencing a ‘peace which passes understanding,’ an experience which is hitherto foreign to me. This is obviously a result of, or rather a proof that, brotherhood is the surest way to everlasting peace. I am certain our community will last a lifetime and am most honored to be part of it. I love you and pray the heavens embolden us on this immense task of bringing light and truth to this most devastated, but beloved, planet.

-Michael Viviano


The Apostle Paul taught those he wrote to: “Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.” This was something I was amazed to see genuinely practiced from start to finish at the Gloucester conference. It seemed we came together with the goal of exploring the topic of Spiritual Regeneration, and went away with actual experiences of regeneration and so much more. We started building bridges between each other, bridges I believe will last – pathways that will be happily walked along again and again. I’m so, so glad to have come together in one place with such a like-spirited, yet beautifully diverse group of God’s children.

The experience overall has made the true gospel and all of its wonderful implications more real to me. There is so much love and so much promise for this world, but I suppose that’s just the feeling one gets when you put so many forward thinking soul-cultivators in the same place. Something really happened! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the organizers (seen and unseen) who brought us all together. It was simply extraordinary.

– Darren Atherton


Attending the YaYA Regeneration Conference exceeded my expectations and buoyed my spirit. I was deeply impressed and inspired by the beauty of the souls I met and also took witness of sincere goodness in each person. I feel enlivened to know that there are youth in the modern day society who stand strong in dedicating themselves to bettering this planet through service. There are many distractions that can take us away from communion with the Father and yet I felt close to Him while at the conference. I personally felt the glory of the Spirit of Truth in each person. The activities were diverse and there was nothing dry or boring about the conference. We were able to socialize and get to know each other at deeper levels and through that a sense of companionship began to foster. Everything in life begins in steps and this was a step that I felt brought me closer to humanity. I would hope that we continue to make steps forward and that everyday can carry us through with this spiritual brotherhood in mind. It is not an end, but a beginning and I seriously consider it a fine start. God directs us all in ways that sometimes we cannot fathom. I believe that more magic will happen in the future for this group of UB readers. Thanks for making it happen! – SanSkritA Dell Erba


We just got back from The Urantia Young Adult Spiritual Regeneration Conference. I really feel VERY spiritually regenerated! I continue to be in awe every time I meet these people—some I know, many I met this time for the first time—but it is amazing what God does in the lives of those people who choose to do God’s will every day. Everyone is so strong, beautiful, loving, and full of light! The spiritual unity felt between us was so amazing. Everyone delights in each other’s presence, genuinely wants to get to know everyone else more, and truly values the relationships being built. I have definite regenerated hope for the future and can’t wait to see everyone again and meet new people as they continue to join us more and more each time. -Miranda Clendening


This past weekend of fellowship was particularly regenerating to me both on a soul and a mind level. I found myself drawn to every one of you as the beauty of your personalities manifested in our interactions. We all celebrated the spirit of the Father’s love and rejoiced in the amplified realization of being part of his magnificent family.

I felt deeply moved and honored by the insights many of you had to share. Having returned home refreshed and inspired, and reflecting on what transpired in Gloucester, I also find my mind particularly nourished. Thank you everyone for making our weekend gathering so beautiful and special. I certainly feel that this was a beginning of life-long relationships and I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future! -Mahtab Tehrani


I have greatly enjoyed spending time with you over the weekend. I know Lila feels the same. I was especially gratified to witness so many bright, spiritually motivated, young minds at work – and all readers of the Urantia Book to boot. What a treat! I am sure that among you whom I have met this past weekend there are many who can help the Fellowship grow into a more robust and more fragrant group so it can better pursue its lofty goals. Thanks again for allowing Lila and me to share in your regenerating and uplifting weekend. -Avi Dogim


I personally feel spiritually regenerated by fellowship with the brotherhood this past weekend. My heart has been filled to overflowing and I look forward to being a part of the continued growth of this living organism. Additionally, I had the privilege of Amadon of Arizona and his crew coming up to my humble dwelling in Maine after the regenerating weekend, along with several others from the Gathering on Cape Ann. The evening, and following day spent with them, reached some of the most profound heights of spiritual fellowship and joyful mirth that I have experienced in some time. I have been changed by my experience with the Amadonites of Arizona. When they left, not only did I feel cleansed in my soul, but they physically cleansed my house. They left everything cleaner and in superior order than when they arrived. I am reminded of the teaching of our Master: You will know them by their fruit. I am thankful to be a part of a real and inspiring brotherhood that is as diverse as is the potentials of the Unqualified Absolute. -Jonathan Zoba


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4 thoughts on “Regeneration”

  1. So good to read everyone’s comments. My love goes out to each of you for being so dedicated to the LIVING, BEING and DOING of the teachings. Our world is in good hands as your numbers increase and you each grow in grace and wisdom.
    Ever Onward!

  2. I could feel the common experience of loving brotherhood as I read each of your stories. Thanks so much for sharing, it feeds the peacefulness and hope for everyone who reads it. You are all on an exquisite journey!

  3. Fantastico! us original ancient readers share in your joy of discovering your eternal family… and the genuine deep love rooted there between you all.

    what service projects have you all decided to do with such incredible energy of your generation.?.
    there are many projects on the go now we could use your help with … like the rebuild the Garden of Eden project for your horticultural souls… many of you can teach us.
    We also need a heck of a lot more in the fine arts from your spiritually unique visions, music, art, poetry, comedy, dance,
    Keep on loving like Jesus, stay involved and see you on stage at the IC 14. Need lots of volunteer youth for that one, If you call the organizers they will sign you up. please be part of the conference instead of separate from it as in years past..
    It is so important to come together with everyone through the whole conference and cross fertilize generations. we are family a big one and need your hugs and wisdom everyday..
    looking forward to creating with you all and the Master in your hearts and your Adjusters…Welcome to the Agondonter club.

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