YaYA Portland Gathering

‘Visioning our Future’

March 17-20, 2016

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Join the Youth and Young Adult Committee as we retreat together in a beautiful country setting outside of Portland, Oregon.  It is our intention to create some quality time together “mind-mapping” our future.  What are this year’s goals for the YaYA Committee – a five year plan – and what might the Urantia revelation look like ten years from now?  As leaders of this rising generation how can we expand upon our common goals of community building, service projects, media, videos, support networks, family life, teen programs, and outreach events.  Let’s explore how we gather and use the tools we’ve been given to effectively share the teachings of this epochal revelation.  Together we will engage our collective spiritized imaginations in mapping our goals & visions that will inspire us to new levels of commitment and action!  If we can see it in our minds and souls, we can make it happen by working together and in harmony with our spiritual guidance.

If this is something you might be interested in … we need your talents and passion.  Please join us for some team building, nature walks, socials, worship & reversion in this beautiful NW regional retreat.

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For more information send us an email and/or join our weekly Thursday evening Zoom conference call.  For more details and meal fees contact:

Tony Finstad ~ YaYA chair   urantia@gci.net   (907) 830-8816

This rental house sleeps only twelve adults so space is limited. We’ll be fixing communal meals together and plan to host a Saturday evening social with the Portland area readers. Also, we hope to be joining an interfaith worship service on Sunday morning in Portland.


If you’re unable to attend, we’ll gladly accept your prayers, as well as any written thoughts you might have on visioning our future.  We plan on creating a Zoom call-in time for broader participation … so stay tuned!

With Love  ~  The YaYA Committee

One of the crowning glories of human friendship is this power and possibility of the mutual stimulation of the imagination.  UB 160:2.8

Visualize this space … our YaYA “Farmhouse on the Bluff” in Boring, Oregon

To Register email admin@urantianow.com

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1 thought on “YaYA Portland Gathering”

  1. congratulations.. have an inspirational time together creating your new generation vision of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN for us all right here in little ol uran.
    see my question to the group below re Uran SAcred Arts FB . Justin and I are creating a Worship through the Fine Arts conf./ and need some help and participation from all you super inspirational spiritual artists in every medium and media. Respect your work immensely. Keep tight with your adjusters in your dual soul minds as you envision your new future potential of joyful mirth and merriment… cheerfully serving the lost sheep…. and you will square your potential effect on the world.
    love and light

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