Gary Tonge Has Joined God’s Gumshoe To Help Produce THE URANTIA BOOK for DUMMIES: A God’s Gumshoe Investigation.

The Greatest Detective Story Ever Told.”

“When I was visiting Colorado, I told Paula Thompson that I wanted to work with God’s Gumshoe and now, here I am, moving to Canada to do just that,” says graphic artist extraordinaire, Gary Tonge. Gary and his wife Lisa Tao, our Web Designer, (address below) have both joined The Urantia Book for Dummies (UBFD) Team of volunteers, (now 12 strong) who have come together to create both a book and a video series which will make the Urantia Book even more accessible to the world, by explaining the many principles, topics and concepts, and what they mean in a simple, easy, and more understandable way.

Also joining the Team are the very talented musicians Cristina Seaborn, and equally talented Jonathon Johnson, who have both come to this project to share their inspiration, laud the beauty of this planet, and the joy of sharing their gifts of the spirit through music. Music is after all, the universal language of both men and Angels, and will greatly enhance The Urantia Book for Dummies series.

Together they join a team of intrepid volunteers dedicated to The 5th Epochal Revelation and the mission of our local universe creators. They are: Sharon Sadler- Administrator; Linda Senter –Copy and Development Editor; Derek Samaras and Christilyn Biek Larson – Promotion; James Leese and Ray Miller – Art support and Production; Paula Thompson – Head Cheerleader; JoAnn Wiedman – Proof-reader; Dick Bain – Author and Production, and God’s Gumshoe – Head Wingnut.

The Project: As we all know, The Urantia Book is a BIG READ. This is one of the barriers new readers must overcome in order to engage the teaching of this exquisite gift to our world.

Religion must not become organically involved in the secular work of social reconstruction and economic reorganization. But it must actively keep pace with all these advances in civilization by making clear-cut and vigorous restatements of its moral mandates and spiritual precepts, its progressive philosophy of human living and transcendent survival. The spirit of religion is eternal, but the form of its expression must be restated every time the dictionary of human language is revised.” TUB (99:1.6)


We are preparing an extended series of Educational videos, and a Non-Fiction Hardcopy book, entitled “The Urantia Book for Dummies: A God’s Gumshoe Investigation,” which outlines the basic ideas, principles, meanings, and values covered in The Urantia Book. These will be presented in a non-intimidating guide for readers new to the various topics covered in The Urantia Book, which any UB reader would feel comfortable in recommending to their family, friends and colleges.

We would like to do these productions in 2 parts, within the same book/video series. 1 book – 2 parts ….one video series …2 parts.





A collection of In-Depth Essays on Topical Subjects first outlined in part 1, in PLAIN, SIMPLE LANGUAGE!!

The Urantia Book for Dummies is a collaborative project. We have extending an invitation to participate in this exciting project to the Youth of Urantia (YaYA Group,) and have had three teleconferences on this subject. We will soon be doing the same for Study groups, other educational groups, as well as UB educators, Graphic Artists, Authors, Musicians and Technical and Media folks, who would like to help make this project a success. At this point, we are suggesting that any royalties that accrue from this book be split with The YaYA community should they participate in the development of this project. If you, as a UB reader, have an essay, a graphic, a video, a quote, or a piece of music you would like to contribute then submit it to us. Let’s talk. Visit us at

To find out more about us come to our website where you can view the video series, find out more about the Team and how you can participate, and contribute to the development of this exciting project. We are seeking crowdsource funding and we have an interesting plan whereby you can fund the development of just one sentence, one paragraph, one chapter, one quote or …one minute or one hour of video with just the smallest of contributions. Please join us in one of the newest and most exciting projects to be undertaken by UB Readers. We need Researchers, Authors, Proof Readers, Editors, organizers, (media, web and technical help,) video viewers, fact checkers, and many other busy hands. You can help right now by posting this out on your Face Book page and help the world know about this exciting project. Every little bit helps. Then come and join the UBFD Team. Thx GG

Our theme is: “The children of tomorrow will eat the fruit we plant today.”

Always in Love, GG




A social group of human beings in co-ordinated working harmony stands for a force far greater than the simple sum of its parts.

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