The Angel Inside

“A Young Woman’s Healing Journey through Coma and Brain Injury”

Hi Everyone,

My name is Allison Zopel, and I would first like to say thank you for having me share about my story and experiences here, on this beautiful site. I am thankful that a website like this is here, and I am also grateful for the Urantia book being a part of this beautiful planet. As a second generation reader, I cannot imagine what life would be like here without it, in my life, or in the world. I give thanks for having this book a part of my life experiences here, daily.

I would like to share with you about a book that I am currently preparing to release, after twelve long years of completing what I feel is a very important mission on this planet; helping people who are recovering from coma and traumatic brain injuries. You might think that this may be a small percentage of the population of our world, but I am here to share with you that with all of the wars, sports injuries, car accidents, and injuries that happen here on a daily basis, it is all too common, and all too misunderstood.

On December 23rd, 1999, just six months after the International Urantia Conference in Vancouver, BC, I was involved in a serious car accident, in which my brain slowly swelled up, and my level of consciousness slowly went down, until I was in what is called a level two coma on the Ranchos Los Amigos scale of coma. I quickly began to realize that a coma is not what most people think it is, as I spent the next five years of my life slowly regaining consciousness, and trapped in-between worlds… where I spent all of my time with only my thoughts, my loving angels, and God.

In my book, The Angel Inside, I describe what it was like to be in a coma from the “inside looking out” on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. I describe the different levels of consciousness between unconscious and conscious, what it was like to endure brain injuries from the inside, my evolving relationship with God, what I have learned from this experience, how I was able to heal, as well as how we can be of better assistance to people in need of care.

The Angel Inside  is filled with descriptive full color illustrations, poetry, drawings, and journal entries to God while in the coma, and I make my way through an unfathomable journey to return to life to help others who may be trapped inside and voiceless.

Blessed to return to life, and complete my mission here, I am happy to share that I have recently opened a non-profit organization, The Return to Life Foundation, dedicated to help raise awareness of coma and brain injury through education. It has a long term goal of opening a healing retreat center where people who are currently recovering from coma and brain injury can come to heal.
The Angel Inside is available in full color at in November 2012, as well as on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and in a black and white edition on The healing solo piano music that came through me while I was regaining consciousness in the coma is available at: .

All of the proceeds of The Angel Inside, as well as a percentage of the speaking engagements that I will do, will be donated to The Return to Life Foundation and its goals.

If you would like to read more about the foundation and our goals, or if you would like to make a donation to our cause, please visit us at:

Thank you so much for having me share about my story with you here, and thank you so much for all of your love and support on my path!

With much love,
Allison Zopel ^j^

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6 thoughts on “The Angel Inside”

  1. Michael Dentler

    I am looking forward to reading your story Allison. I have been a student of The Urantia Book for over thirty years, and am committed to spiritual development as it seems you are. My experience has been gradual with an unclear view of the path, but I am personally striving to become a mighty messenger. Thank you for being committed to a mission of service to fellow human beings.

    1. Thank you, Michael! I can only hope that I may be of service to others through my life experieces here, as we are each blessed with this great opportunity of service through our lives. I am glad to be traveling this Universe in spiritual growth with you along our way 🙂

  2. Miranda Clendening

    Aww…Allison, I love you so much! I’m so happy for you that all this is finally happening, too! Tons of LOVE!

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