Spiritual Unity

The Revelation tells us that every true relationship is an end in itself (112:2.8). This means the bonds we create on Urantia are eternal in nature.

Since I became a member of the YaYA Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship, I have been actively working to help create a foundation of individuals and resources to grow the youth community through personal relationships. In the past two years I have learned an incredible amount about not only myself but students of the Revelation all across the country. I have started a successful Urantia Book-based website, made a video introduction to the Urantia Book, and spent almost six months traveling and evangelizing. These projects have been realized by my desire to follow the leading of my indwelling adjuster, and possible only because of the incredible support of the Fellowship, friends, and my family. This last YaYA gathering in Gloucester, MA was a landmark for me. It felt like the culmination of these two years of hard work and effort.




Our YaYA gathering was significant for me based on a number of reasons, but two stand out: First, it was our largest gathering with 32 registered participants and even more attendees from the local area. Second, it brought together many different groups or sects of the Urantia community.

There are many students of the Urantia Book who have very strong feelings about not only what other Urantia Book students believe but how they practice these beliefs. I understand the Revelation to be clear about how we should approach others’ beliefs and religious practices, but some have judgment or disdain for those who practice anything unfamiliar to conventional Urantia Book students. The Revelation tells us:

“While your religion is a matter of personal experience, it is most important that you should be exposed to the knowledge of a vast number of other religious experiences (the diverse interpretations of other and diverse mortals) to the end that you may prevent your religious life from becoming egocentric—circumscribed, selfish, and unsocial.” 103:1.3

I’m of the opinion that those who focus on the divisiveness of our differences represent the fringed or the few. However, I have personally experienced people in leadership positions holding some of these views. What I have also experienced, and surely did in Gloucester, is a very real shift in the desire to take on this problem through the spiritual unity of our community.

The reality is that I now, more than ever, understand how these cultural pitfalls came to be. In the last six months I have personally dealt with much angst and confusion in my efforts to grow the kingdom of God on Urantia. I have dealt with the censorship of content on UrantiaNow, I have tried to understand a lack of enthusiasm for doing traveling outreach from many of my elders, and I have been verbally attacked and accused of ignorance for my efforts to build bridges with Gabriel’s community and the UAI. Don’t get me wrong: I’m clear that once you step to the front lines, as I feel I have, you must be prepared to deal with these types of conflicts. What’s been hard for me is the reality that all of the work I do is a result of my deep love and joy for my fellows and for the future of this expanded truth for OUR beautiful planet Urantia.


Workshop of Urantia Book youth creating goals in the Gloucester community center


I am left with the insight that a genuine, heartfelt desire to contribute to the good of a community or the world through creative projects is sometimes met with push-back, judgement, and negation because of fears. Those fears are many and often fully justified but they are fears. Those who desire to push the forward the conversation must be prepared to work with all sides in finding common ground and unity of purpose.

The reality is Gabriel claims to have new Revelation, the teaching mission claims to be communicating with our cosmic family, and the Fellowship, UAI, and Foundation all have differing ideologies and ideas of how best to be stewards of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Does this mean we must retreat to our corners and write each other off? Does this mean we are incapable of coming together with a common love of our Master? Does this mean we have let our intellectual concepts of these new teachings overcome our love and devotion to one another? I’m here to tell you for me it doesn’t. And for those who desire to keep a focus on our differences you would be wise to understand that times are changing and what we want, more than anything, is for you to join us in building this new spiritual community. A community focused first on our unity of spirit and second on our common goals.

What I realized from the incredible weekend in Gloucester is that what I have been working toward has become a reality. Through the incredible support of my fellow committee members we have created a NEW culture based upon our interpretations of love, service, and brotherhood. We have refused, through action, the inheritance of past pitfalls and have, together, pushed off the shore and toward the high seas of adversity to create a new era focused on spiritual unity and spiritual brotherhood–not our diverse interpretations of truth.


Final circle together on Sunday in Gloucester

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14 thoughts on “Spiritual Unity”

  1. Aikins Oswaldo

    “new era focused on spiritual unity and spiritual brotherhood–not our diverse interpretations of truth.” Thank you folks, keep up the good work!

  2. Bravo, Teuvo! Your words inspire me! I hope that the new spiritual community you speak of will find its’ home in a new Garden, creating there patterns of love-based living that model the teachings of the Master.

  3. Teuvo, well done. As I have shared with you before, and I believe you have heard well: Not much can be achieved in the way of spiritual, social, and any progress really without great acts of faith and boldness. One must rock the boat in peoples still waters of thinking to help them perceive things differently and expand their sails of consciousness to catch the winds of change and sail onward in the ocean of ascension. Very little spiritual progress has been achieved on this fallen world by playing it safe and being politically correct. Seekers must be willing to take leaps, break down walls, and plant new seeds.

    Unity without uniformity is needed – And as Gabriel of Urantia says, ‘Radical Unity’ – We must all embrace our common love for the Master, and strive to be like Him. To reflect His attributes of perfection. The UB says that Jesus was a “love saturated soul.” So may we all strive to deeply love one another.

    I am thankful for the efforts made by Teuvo and others to build bridges and open hearts. The conference was indeed a time of spiritual unity – Let us all take what we have learned (and unlearned) and go forth into The Kingdom!

  4. Jesus never paused to correct misunderstandings. Your efforts speak for themselves. I, too, had problems with the leadership but have long since forgiven them knowing (misguided as they mnay have been) that they did only what they thought best.

    Just keep on moving.

    dick j.
    Phx, AZ

  5. Jesus never paused to correct misunderstandings. Your efforts speak for themselves. I, too, had problems with the leadership but have long since forgiven them knowing (misguided as they may have been) that they did only what they thought best.

    Just keep on moving.

    dick j.
    Phx, AZ

  6. frank giannangelo

    yes, unity of spirit–unity of purpose

    ah, the clear vision of youth

    on the right track, Teuvo

  7. Jonathan Zoba


    Thank you and the YaYA people for all the hard work you have done to foster this community! It was a privilege hosting the BIGGEST YaYA event EVER in my own town. Keep up the good work, and thank you for this heartfelt message! You are an inspiration to many Teuvo.
    I think a point that is not really clear in this discussion regarding the Urantia community is that reading the Urantia Book does not necessarily imply spiritual unity. Spiritual unity can be had with anyone who is spirit dominated regardless of their religious tradition or outlook, as we know. But reading the Urantia Book may or may not mean that one has been spiritually regenerated––a prerequisite for spiritual unity.
    In this light, as I see it the ‘readership’ can only fairly be regarded as an intellectual community with the potential of being spirit unified. It is not enough to just read a common book to posses unity; we must commit ourselves to a common Master.
    What throws me off (and I think others too) is when individuals or groups openly embrace teachings that are in direct contradiction to the Book and the teachings of Jesus. Then I can only wonder, ‘who is your Master?’ I cannot experience spiritual unity with one who has a different spiritual master.
    I think what we experienced in Gloucester was a group that not only read the Book, but one that was committed to the Master of the Book. What made it special was just that, a group of Jesusonians who had the privilege of worshiping Jesus and fellowshipping with His followers in the light of the new Revelation. And this is the spiritual Urantia brotherhood; not just an organization or a ‘movement’ but a living organism, a body of believers in Jesus as he has been revealed in the Book.
    Time will reveal the true loyalties of individuals, groups and organizations––and if that loyalty is to the One Master, then the fruit therefrom will be unity.

  8. Teuvo,

    You seem to have one of the clearest communications with the thought adjuster that I have experienced, how have you been able to discern and distinguish the leading of your thought adjuster from your own personality ego, ambitions or emotional longings, reactions and justifications?

  9. Very well said, Teuvo. Seems to me that it’s more important to hear of another spiritual life and less important what they’ve read or heard to develop that life. There are many ways up the mountain. You quote is spot-on and I appreciate very much that you’ve taken the bold step to write and publish your comments/observations. It is also great to read the very supportive comments you’ve received on this article. I applaud heartily the work of the YaYas and wish to support your efforts any way I can.

    1. Michael,

      Thank you my friend for taking the time to share your feelings about my article. People seem to respond the most when I share about issues that are really on my heart. When I try to water it down or make it to optimistic it loses its truth of the real struggle that it is to do this work of moving forward the Kingdom.

      Its true I must temper this passion sometimes but without it I would not be so motivated to be of service.

      I thank you my Brother for being part of this growing family. Look forward to spending time together in the near future.

  10. Ideals. Ideals are what’s missing here, and they are simultaneously the very commonality that each of us need in order to form personal bonds. TUB teaches us that we are living in age that has a super abundance of Ideas, while being also being nearly devoid of Ideals.

    First WHY
    Second HOW
    Lastly WHAT

    The problem is we have our priorities out of whack. If we focus on our passion, and fostering of those ideals, all of the sudden the WHAT becomes secondary and of little potential fruit, and we realize the meat of our meal must be the discovery and teaching of ideals.

    I want to be like you when I grow up Tev, and people like you will constantly get nit picked by bystanders standing on the side of the road as you drive right past them… Bugs on the windshield brother, just hit windshield wipers and follow your heart as you’re doing. Keep up the great work, and forever be open to those who likewise share your passion for WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why are you saved by this message? Why do you keep going forward while others try to dissuade you? Other people will realize your why and resonate with that reason, and some will join you.

    You have my love, prayers, and continued support brother. Peace

  11. Teuvo,

    Your words ring true in my soul…may you be guided by Our Father in heaven and lead by the wonderful living example of our Master and Teacher Jesus who has shown us how to truly love one another….I was fortunate to share some of this weekend with you and so many others. And I must say you were shining brightly with much joy….

    Blessings as you go about doing good and spreading the gospel as you are so inspired to

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