The Search for Utopia

richard_thumbBy Richard Omura

After many years of reading and studying The Urantia Book, many of us have wanted to start a close knit commune of readers and believers of the book’s teachings. Many have even done so, with varying success. The one that has been the most successful, in terms of longevity, amount of members, and notoriety is the one in Arizona. I met the purported founder many years ago here in Los Angeles. Then I lost track of him until he surfaced as the leader of his community which received some PR in the news program 60 Minutes, I think about ten years ago, as a relatively harmless new cult.

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The lures of a socialized commune are many. We get tired of the rat race, of the extremely material world that we must live in, with the greed, the contentiousness, the selfishness and evil. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to live in a society where we don’t have daily concerns over our welfare? Where we don’t have to struggle to find a companion, a job, and a place in the community? Socialized communes can give you these things to some degree. To join, you may have to give them all your material possessions. Some of them may determine your relationships. Many of the personal choices that you may have made previously are now made by the community. In many ways, this makes living a lot easier, as we no longer have to deal with the stress of making those decisions. It’s very tempting, especially as one gets older.

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The reasons that I, and many others, have against such a community are that it takes away the very choices that we need to make in order to evolve. It also removes us from the larger community. Even with all it’s evils, maybe because of them, isn’t it more important for us to become beacons of light in the larger community in order to uplift the community instead of creating an insular and separate entity? If all the good and spiritual people were to leave society and create separate societies, what would happen to the people who are left behind? Doesn’t being good and spiritual mean caring, ministering and standing by those who are less fortunate? Less good? Less spiritual?

If we are to find utopia, it is in the future when we evolve into the Era of Light and Life individually and as a whole. That is not to say that socialized communes are not part of this evolution. As long as they manifest truth, beauty and goodness, they help with the upward flow and benefit the greater community. Whether they truly manifest those qualities  is something each person must decide, if they so desire, by talking with them and finding out first hand what they are really about. The “fruits of the spirit” are ultimately the proof of any pudding. In my opinion, whether they follow Urantia Book doctrine is not as important. As the Ubook itself says, and I paraphrase, future religious organizations are based on sharing common ideals, values and goals, rather than on sharing dogma and doctrine.

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Some new Age communes and cults may prey upon those who are often disenfranchised, those who feel cut off, think they do not belong and are not part of the greater society. It is easy to feel this way, especially if you have ideals and values that exceed the average. And the average is abysmally low as the planet is still on a spiritually primitive level. The answer is to connect with the much larger universal community. This is very advanced and not easily done but the UB gives us the information that makes this possible. The drawback is that this borders on mysticism and the “woo-woo” effect: the skepticism that it is “magical thinking”. But realize that the belief in God is the biggest magical thinking there is. (An all-seeing, all powerful entity that is invisible? Come on!)

So if you have faith in God, have faith that you are already part of a greater universal community with visible and invisible members: humans, midwayers, angels, and a myriad of celestial personalities. Learn to open up your soul’s perception and you will realize that you belong to this universal community. Faith is what opens the door to realization of this spiritual reality. Effort is what keeps you going. Every spiritual act you do is appreciated and makes a difference!

Thank you for so magnificently playing your role in this universal drama of progressive spiritual attainment. You are appreciated and we love to have you with us. You are an essential part of the universe. So relax! The universe is friendly! We love you! You belong.

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1 thought on “The Search for Utopia”

  1. Richard, I agree with your comments in “The Search for Utopia”. Discretion is always appropriate when seeking truth because there are those who would capture you into their concepts and beliefs fold. When confronted with a decision to associate, a good question could be something like, ‘What is this person (these people) really telling me?’ Or maybe, ‘What do they really want?’ Education is important to help us be discerning, plus, we also know that emotional, dynamic psychological energy, even if appearing to be good and entertaining, is not necessarily spirit expressions or growth. UB authors inform us of this concern.

    Jesus did not teach utopian concepts, but he did teach improved civil behavior that would improve relationships. He never taught men to reach for bliss, or a utopian escape from troubles. He faced life honestly and courageously, not running away from challenges, and therefore modeled ideal characteristics.

    Trying to reach a utopia here could be risky because there is danger of judgement, i.e, ‘come with us and be special, better than others’. Rapture may be something like this. Recall, Jesus taught us his Father is no respecter of persons; no one is special. All men and women are loved on high.

    Its a good topic, Richard. Thank you for your exemplary service.

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