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How many people can we show the word URANTIA in one day? I don’t know, but we’re going to try for hundreds of thousands!

While the Presidential race was going on, here in Southern California, we had some very amazing methods of campaign awareness going on. Ron Paul killed it. Every person in LA, Orange County, and San Diego saw Ron Paul’s name at lease once if not ten times. This was due to the grassroots activities of Ron Paul supporters, one of which was my roommate. As soon as he signed up to help, they gave him a HUGE banner to hang on our balcony. Being on a busy street, I would guess more than a million people saw that banner in a year.

I took notice of how effective this operation was and started to think: How many times to do you have to see something before you decide to check it out? For me it may be three or four. Then I’m going to Google it or ask a friend if they know what this “thing” is. Granted, I was well aware of who Ron Paul was. It got me thinking about how hidden the name Urantia is. Why? Simply because we don’t get it out there.

The Ron Paul campaign set up groups in cities and supplied these groups (of mostly youth) with all the materials they needed to spread the word. They hung banners on all the freeway overpasses. They stenciled Ron Paul in alleyways. They handed flyers up and down streets on all the light poles. They used any and every method of print to pound into people’s consciousness that RON PAUL IS HERE.

Although Ron Paul’s presidential campaign was unsuccessful, his awareness campaign was very successful. Why? Because the message of Ron Paul was appealing to youth as an alternative to current political norms, and because his following was largely made up of inspired young people. I’m sure you know where I’m going next. Do we have an appealing message? Yes. Do we have inspired young people? Yes. So what are we waiting for? Well, nothing now!

This is our goal: To take as much outreach material as possible and cover the San Diego and Los Angeles area with it. We have decided to launch this effort on New Year’s Day 2013. We will be driving to major Southern California hot spots including:

  • Downtown San Diego
  • Ocean Beach
  • Encinites
  • Laguna Beach
  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • West Hollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Pasadena
  • Downtown LA
  • Orange County
  • Newport Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Dana Point
  • Pacific Beach

It no secret that California has a progressive culture. We have one of the largest communities of readers in the United States and the highest concentration of younger readers. We want to keep up the momentum.

As we travel around on these days, we will visit any and everywhere we feel could be an effective place to put material about The Urantia Book. This includes working with local UB leaders to help get area readers involved.

This campaign is not an effort to accomplish anything beyond putting a lot of people’s eyes on the word Urantia. But it will without a doubt serve as great practice for us being out evangelizing with local readers. We will surely meet and get in conversation with many people as we roam the streets.

There may be people who say that this type of outreach is not as effective as one on one introduction. They are absolutely right. But what I know from experience is that when I put up flyers at my local grocery people call me about my study group. We should never limit ourselves in all our creative methods of sharing the good news. Even if we lead four or five people to check out the book and become readers is that not an incredible accomplishment?

See you out there!

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3 thoughts on “LA Mass Outreach”

    1. In advertising studies it has been shown that a person needs to hear or see a “product” approx 18 times before they will check it out. Example: Have you checked out 1-800-Get-Slim? If the answer is no it’s probably because U don’t have a “need” for it. But if U do, chances are U’ve checked it out already.
      “Awareness” of a product or thing does not necessarily mean “need” but that’s what the advertising companies hope for…that U will “need” the product. Therefore, the catch phrases have to be cleverly thought out & promoted on a long term basis! Kudos for the article Teuvo! We are on the right track!

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