Chelsea Blake

chelsea_thumbI have been truth seeking my entire life but never really knew it. I grew up in a small town with all of the same people I went to grade school with. Never trying to reach outside of the box in this small place, I became stagnant in my being. I was always looking for a high or something to take the pain away from life and its turmoil. Not raised with any religion and finding this world such a dark place at times made me believe no God could create such a world of sin and darkness. I had no faith. It led me to alcohol and drugs for the high I was seeking. Euphoria and intoxication were my spirituality.

I love music, always have, always will…especially reggae. On my 32nd birthday I decided to go see a Pato Banton concert down in San Diego. It was a dark place, I fit in well. I remember him singing My Opinion and Destination Paradise. His words spoke to me and I could feel his light. He pulled me to the stage and hugged me that night and I felt it. I felt love and light and was infected. I needed to know what it was about him that touched me, so I found his ministry online and The Urantia Book! Knowing nothing about Jesus, I started there. I was addicted to reading and seeking truth instantly. My perception started changing. I had hope for the first time in my life. I started grasping my reason for being here and it warmed my soul. Beginning to have faith, I started praying. I felt God, heard God and started seeing him everywhere I went. I believed.

I stopped taking drugs because I didn’t need them to feel high; God gave me love, the greatest high on this planet. I follow in Jesus’ footsteps the best I can and everyday he teaches me how to love my brothers and sisters and worship my father. This book has completely changed my life, my mind and my soul. I will forever seek his light and love and try to show all around me that with faith, belief and love God will guide the way.


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3 thoughts on “Chelsea Blake”

  1. I loved Tara’s story mostly because I feel the same way. Having such a profound belief in the Urantia Book is awesome, but having few personal friends who I can actually share it with is sad. One of my most favorite expressions goes something like this…”the only thing better than solitude is having a friend to share it with.”

    If Tara or anyone ever feels like they need to just talk about Urantia stuff – please reach out to me. my email is And I have a great blog just for urantian’s called

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