Interfaith Initiative

Last year the Obama White House adopted an interfaith initiative. Last week The New York Times published an article by David Bornstein about the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), an organization that has developed a leadership model based on this new initiative. Read the article here.

I can almost guarantee that this organization does not yet have any student members representing the Revelation. This must be put at the top of our to-do list as a community. The way is being shown to us as young evangelists to share our message and work hand in hand with people of all religions and backgrounds. This summer at the Summer Study Session we will be accepting support to help make this dream a reality.


Interfaith Youth Core!

IFYC is a great example of how we could get active on a national stage. This is a college-based initiative and we have many young people in our community who are in college or on their way. Check out the IFYC website here to sign up and get a bunch more information. And please be in touch with the Urantia Media Team to let us know if you get involved! We would love to learn more and help in any way.

Advancing Interfaith and Community Service on College and University Campuses


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