Worth 1000 Words

I would like to Honor, for their financial support

– Victoria Clark – 

– The Urantia Book Fellowship – 

Carolynn Wotman
Geoffrey Theiss
Richard Daunt
Janice Bartlett
Lauren Cline
Michelle Klimesh
Maria Farrera
Hiram Romero
Cassandra Orjala
Thomas Orjala
Lisa Crowetom
Tom Choquette
Pamela Chaddock

Huge thanks to everyone who provided a place to stay, a meal, financial support, or your love. All of these were absolutely essential to making this 9000+ mile tour possible. My deepest thanks also goes out to Alison Zopel who initiated this tour with the Release of her book “The Angel Inside”.

The purpose of The Raising Awareness Tour, for me, was to bring together our Urantia family while also inspiring its members to get more involved in supporting all aspects concerned to the realization of the 5th Epochal Revelation in the world and in our own lives. Visit www.raisingawarenesstour.com for more stories and pictures from the WHOLE trip!

Please enjoy the pictures below as a testament to what was accomplished.


If you are inspired to see more tours like this happen, or you would like to participate in the next one, please contact Teuvo Orjala @ 208-704-7067

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1 thought on “Worth 1000 Words”

  1. Thank you for sharing this collage of pictures, Teuvo. For Reader-Believers who are dispersed far and wide it surely mean a lot…I appreciate your effort in sharing a depiction of your travels 🙂 Each pic is singular, but the one that stands out for me is the one you’ve captioned, “General Council Meeting.” I assume “General Council” as in our Urantia Book FELLOWSHIP?

    Ummm, imagine this pic as a painting… 🙂

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