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This is an incredible opportunity for one young Urantia Book reader: The Fellowship’s International Committee is looking for a young adult to join a group of readers heading to Chile for a book fair on October 25th! Financial support is available to help sponsor your travel through a fund set up by the Northern Light Society of Alaska, but they will need a firm commitment asap. For more information on what it’s like to participate in an international book fair, check out this video at you’re interested, please contact the Barb Maier at the Northern Light Society directly at

Here is a description of the upcoming trip from Buck Weimer, Chair of the International Committee:

Book Fair in Santiago, Chile

Exciting news on the international outreach scene!  The Fellowship’s International Outreach Committee will be participating in the 32nd International Book Fair in Santiago, Chile from October 25 to November 11, 2012.

Our Team is building – with Nelida Oliver (Ecuador), Agustin Arellano (Mexico) and Joy Brandt (USA), and I already committed to attending; and Tim Hobbs as a possibility.  Flor Robles (Chile/USA) is the coordinating light for the book fair, and she is doing a marvelous job.  A one-day conference is planned for new and experienced truth seekers on the last day of the fair.

We invited (and they accepted) the UAI and the Foundation to join in this wonderful effort to get the good news in El Libro de Urantia to more hungry and thirsty souls in Chile.  This show of unity among our organizations will produce a model, not just for the readership of Chile, but for all the readers in Latin America (and, hopefully the world) that we are united in our goal of getting this Revelation to those in need.

The Northern Light Society of Alaska has initiated a fund-raising project called:  2 X 2 = More, a project designed to cover the travel costs for readers—and especially youth and young adults—to accompany an International Outreach Team to another culture.  This project is just getting started and has a small fund available, but more is needed.  If anyone reading this is interested in sponsoring, or partially sponsoring, a youth or young adult to travel to Chile with us, please contact Barb Maier or Marilyn Conner on their website

The International Outreach Team is dedicated our stated goals in the Fellowship constitution wherever we go:  getting the Revelation out, building communities of readers, and assisting with the translation of secondary materials.  Please join us in thought and prayer, and travel with us when possible.

Buck Weimer, Chair

International Fellowship Committee

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