“2×2=MORE” Going to Croatia

 “2×2=MORE” and The IFC Are Going to Croatia

Exciting News:  The “2×2=MORE” project, sponsored by the Northern Light Society of Alaska, is excited to announce that two fine young men have been selected to represent the project and our Fellowship at the upcoming Book Fair in Zagreb, Croatia in mid October!!!  Teuvo Orjala and Derek Samaras have lots in common and will bring their creative spirits and love of The Urantia Book to our global outreach.

derekTeuvo and Derek are in their early 30’s. Both are second-generation readers and leaders. Both have skills and talents in video and multimedia, which they take into their avocations and occupations.  Derek has a strong background in psychology, martial arts and communications.  He has dedicated the last seven years of his life to local service and is excited for this next global step. He is from Chicago and has spent much time reading and studying with the Chicago Society.

Teuvo, who now lives in Coeur d’Alene, is well known in our community for his continual evangelical outreach around the country, along with traveling to many college campuses.  He serves on the General Council and contributes countless hours working with the YaYa committee. He has added so much to our Fellowship with his video, multimedia skills and passionate spirit. Teuvo Currently he is attracting new readers, having formed a new study group and is committed to establishing an Inland Society in the eastern Washington/Idaho region.

Our Society is so pleased to have them both serve as global ambassadors as they assist the International Fellowship Committee in its first outreach to Croatia.  This country, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, has a very rich spiritual history.  Its original name and its coastline are still called Dalamatia!  Most recently, Croatia has become a member of the European Union and its modernization efforts are transforming Eastern Europe.

The success of “2×2=MORE” has been based on the successful work of our former fine ambassadors, Janelle Mazza, Mae Thompson, April Helen Morgan; financial support from our readers and organized groups; and a variety of folks who have devoted their time to this new (2 ½-year-old) project.  We have previously sent people to Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Philippines and Thailand.  They carry lots of books and materials, talk and listen to hundreds of people, and serve our Fellowship.  These young people have been a great addition to the work of the IFC.  Now onto Croatia!

There is a video (which we hope to update and improve with Teuvo and Derek’s help) on www.urantiaalaska.org.  The site has a donation button via Pay Pal and any size donation is much appreciated.  Any additional questions or comments are welcome.

Yours in Loving service,

Barbara Maier

Secretary of the NLS of Alaska and

Administrator of “2×2=MORE”

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1 thought on ““2×2=MORE” Going to Croatia”

  1. Hello my dear brothers and sisters.

    I’m so glad that you will come to visit my country. I live in Zagreb, and I will be glad to assist our two ambassadors in their mission.

    If Tuevo and Derek wants to contact me by email they can freely do it.

    Peace be upon you


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