“What in the World” is going on with the Eclipses and the Urantia Book?

“What in the World” is going on with the Eclipses and the Urantia Book?

By now, just about everyone in the United States and anyone interested in celestial occurrences anywhere else in the world is aware of the upcoming total eclipse happening across just the US on August 21.

Did the date of August 21 jolt your memory about the most important event ever to occur on earth?   It is the date, given in The Urantia Book, of Michael of Nebadon’s birth –  Jesus’ birth day.   Well, that is interesting, isn’t it?  What are the odds?

There is going to be another total eclipse across the United States in seven (7) years.  This eclipse occurs on April 8th.  Another astounding date!  Per the Urantia Book, it is the second day that Michael of Nebadon is in his burial tomb, just exactly between his death on the cross and his resurrection.


WOW!  What are the odds of that occurrence?

Well, it gets more interesting….  If you consult a web site that plots the two eclipses together, they intersect at a location in southern Illinois.  Yes, the same state where the Urantia Book was received. HMMMM…

And, the first intersection, on August 21 occurs at just past noon. (12pm standard Greenwich time) the  time Michael was born, per the Urantia Book.   The second intersection, on April 8th 2024, occurs at 1:58 which is just slightly shorter than 24 hours after Michael’s death, as described in the Urantia Book.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?   Something is happening, which is why I am writing this article. The world needs your help.

Urantia readers are a down to earth group of people, for the most part highly educated, seekers of truth, not given to emotional, irrational thinking.   Religious hysteria is not a part of the organization, it is not even tolerated.  It is very science, fact oriented as is the Urantia Book.  So, any end of the world scenario, or alien invasion is not what is going on here.

Perhaps it is no more than a wake-up call to the Urantia organization, or an opportunity of magnificent magnitude to further introduce the Book to humankind.  It could possibly be an announcement of Michael’s return to earth or even Melchizedek’s upped involvement in earth’s affairs.  Those who are more familiar with the Book may see linkages there that could help with this puzzle.

Whatever is going on, it is important, it is immediate (within 7 years), and it is an immense opportunity for the entire world.

Let’s grapple with this!  I will look forward to your comments.

Author: Sue Haskell

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About The Author

Sue Haskell

After a brief two year career as a junior high teacher in a challenging area of Denver, Sue retired ten years ago from the slightly less challenging career of real estate and relocation management where she was involved in starting two real estate companies and a relocation company. In retirement, Sue delved into the Urantia Book after studying many other spiritual eachings such as The Course in Miracles, Pathworks , Seth, etc. from the early seventies and on. She was raised as a fundamental Presbyterian but early on realized this approach to God did not sit well in her heart or mind. The Urantia Book does sit well with her. In fact, she feels the book is an answer to many fervent requests to God to show her the TRUTH. She is enthralled with the depth of answers found in the Book and now, just as fervently, wants to share the book with the world.


  1. Geoff

    While personally Im a skeptic when it comes it interpreting the movements of the stars as it relates to events on Earth or passages of the UB, I am extremely impressed with your personal outreach efforts. Great work. Im sure there are many people looking for meaning in the nature of the cosmos and I hope your website helps them discover the UB.

  2. Steve powell

    Jesus’ statement in astrology:

    “While astronomy is a pursuit of science, astrology is a mass of superstitious error with no place in the kingdom!”

    Please don’t propagate the fallacy that is astrology as something supported by the Urantia Book.

  3. Ken Believes

    While I agree an awakening is occurring and people are becoming more spiritually aware, I think any relationship to solar eclipses or planetary movement is merely coincidental.


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