Here is a little about me: my parents read the UB my whole life and I have always considered it in my search for the truth and my purpose. I think I took it for granted that God existed, I never remember doubting it and always remember talking to “god” whatever exactly that was. Though I was skeptical and rebellious about religion and anyone telling me what the “truth” was I began to sincerely seek God’s will for me when I was 17 (I hadn’t yet accepted Jesus as anything more than a prophet). My brother had died when I was 14 and my whole family was shadowed by a cloud of depression for several years. My senior year in high school I made a conscious decision I wasn’t going to be sad anymore and started to pray – and I can hardly describe the joy and love that filled my heart when I realized God would use me in his plan, I could be an instrument in the divine plan if I just put myself in His hands and trusted – which isn’t always easy, and I definitely didn’t always listen! But the seed that was planted in me of God’s true grace and real power to change hearts and lives could never be erased from my heart and mind even when I pulled far away from active faith and rejected my own beliefs about 7 years ago. I made choices that would dramatically change the course of my life and I’m still in the process of realizing all the valuable lessons I am to learn from those experiences. I am going through a divorce right now and I have two sons ages 3 and 5 and we are going through a huge transition – without God’s love and grace I would be in a completely different place, certainly not sharing this with any of you and not in a position to be a part of this good work πŸ™‚

I started reading the UB when I was about 17 and I also started reading the Bible and going to church with some of the youth in my community. That is when I began praying to Jesus and realized his presence and power was real and distinctly different from my relationship with God. I can’t explain it except to say I experience it and have been saved by it despite my own doubts – His love and comfort never was withheld when I asked for it, even when I didn’t deserve it…it’s pretty amazing…

I’m sorry I can’t tell you what I think my role might be in any of these organizations…I am a bit overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the fact that they are even happening and I might soon be meeting many of you and discussing things I think about every day, but have no like-minded friends to share them with. Don’t get me wrong I have some amazing friends who are deep, spiritual and loving and awesome! But no one that reads the UB or wants to talk about what our role is in spreading God’s love in such a way as you all appear to be, from what I have read so far πŸ™‚ Honestly I have no friends who share my beliefs. I have never known anyone other than my parents who read the UB or believe in walking daily with God who are not Fundamental Christians (whom I love dearly, but cannot fully relate with). So, I hope you understand my joy and excitement – I am sincerely happy to meet all of you, even if its just through the computer right now – technology is pretty marvelous for allowing this kind of interaction, isn’t it?!

I appreciate the love and acceptance I have already received and I am enthusiastic about what lies ahead of me. I just started reading the UB again and I just started praying to Jesus again, so you can imagine my life has again changed dramatically in recent months. At this point I know God has led me to reach out and I know I have so much to learn. I really desire to do a lot of listening to all of you about your experiences and beliefs and what good work you have been a part of all these years I have been involved with other priorities. I know God has lead me to all of you for a reason and I am open to his guidance as to what my role will be. For now I know it is to listen, trust and love. Simple but true πŸ™‚

love, Tara