As many seasons of change begin, mine started with a call to serve. I was enlisted to do outreach for the Urantia Book and the Urantia Book Fellowship on a nearby college campus.

At the time I hadn’t seriously considered the benefits of public promotion of the UB and I grappled with the anxiety of feeling that I wouldn’t be sincere while doing my outreach. How do I advertise a book (let alone an entire epochal revelation) in which I was not fully versed? How do I promote an organization whose leaders I barely know and whose purpose is disorientingly vast? Who was my target market?

Well, I knew I wanted to help grow the Fellowship so I started there. I asked myself, what makes an active member in a spiritual community? Loyalty to the relationships in that community for certain. But when I thought about myself and others, I deduced that the root reason is that each community participant has also been in some way inspired. They have found a living source of spiritual sustenance and the community has become a vehicle for their personal religious quest. To me this meant I wanted a message that promoted personal relationship and enticed the mind and soul.

Fortunately, our buddy Jesus did the ground work here and is how this outreach booth got its title. What better foundation to build fraternal relationships on or excite the Thought Adjuster then with ‘spiritual unity’ – a message of social equality and universal love!

I knew I had a compelling message to attract truthseekers, but what to put on the table? The Urantia Book obviously, but what else?

And here I recalled Rodan’s insight that “If you are not a positive and missionary evangel of your religion, you are self-deceived in that what you call a religion is only a traditional belief or a mere system of intellectual philosophy.” (Paper 160)

I took this sentence quite literally and decided to put mementos of my personal religion as the content on the table. Anything and everything that I have read or experienced in which I know God personally, I crammed onto the booth. In its current form I have an interfaith poster of the Golden Rule, Rumi poetry, a quotes calendar of the UB and of Western religious traditions, two other books – the Alchemist and Love Poems From God, a printed chapter on spiritual living by Dr. Jeffrey Wattles, spiritual vitamins to pass out, a shiny copy of the UB (and my super worn highlighted copy), and various Fellowship print materials all neatly organized on 2160 square inches of table. It was time for field testing!

Long story short, it is fantastic. When a student stops by and asks about spiritual unity or anything on the table, I don’t have to give any sales answers, I get to speak from the heart. I get to be sincere, sincere, and more sincere about my message because when they ask about the booth, they are asking about me and my relationship with God. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to talk about the Urantia Book and its teachings starting from the perspective of personal experience and spiritual brotherhood. Where to start!

I’ve never seen Urantia Book fliers disappear so fast and I did not pass any of them out (I never said “Take a flier”) ! Apart from the dozens of seeds planted by the teachings and printouts shared, I’ve given out a number of book cards, sold a book, and gifted a few more. On top of that, the foundation of my message is the spiritual message of the kingdom first and foremost, and by and through that I have grown many meaningful relationships in this student community. Once strangers, now brothers and sisters, we have shared hours of philosophical dialog, exchange of personal faith experiences, prayer for and with each other, worship, reading of the Urantia Book together (as well as other texts), soccer, lunches, and so much more.

And the point of all this is to lovingly share with you how simple this can be. If you have ever felt the urge to live out your faith and share this epochal gospel, grab your Urantia Book, pull together all the things that have inspired you to know God, and send the Youth and Young Adult Committee (or me, an email. We are committed to getting Urantia Book booths out to as many campuses as possible and we need your help. Let your personality and inspired love for God be the light by which young truthseekers come to the Urantia Book!

If you have any thoughts, concerns, questions, or comments, please make sure to post them below, I would love to dialog further!

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