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So maybe you have heard that our Boulder Invitational in June 2011 was a great success on many levels. Inspiring goals were set and some amazing connections made. If you were not able to attend we have created a short video to show you how much fun we had! Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Where do we stand as a community on media arts? How much time do we dedicate to the most effective medium for communicating an idea? I would venture to say not enough. Don’t get me wrong–we have many extremely talented individuals in our community that make amazing art, music, and videos. What I believe is missing is an effort to focus on what is popular with the youth today. What ways could we better communicate the teachings of the Urantia Book and Jesus through film, photography, and music? The video above is a small example of what is possible. With some dedication and a little money we could truly make jaw dropping films that would motivate young people and others alike to check out the UB.

So do we have the talent and willingness to take on projects like this? Well, let me be as clear as crystal that we have a TON of talent just floating out there in our community and mountains of willingness. We just haven’t set it on fire! And I suggest that this is partially due to the disconnect between the older generation of readers and the new, younger generation. I have been to a GC meeting and was amazed that people on the counsel asked what the youth are even doing! We are doing a lot but we could be doing a lot more with your support!

What is the first step to making this happen?

1. First we need a plan or a script. We have a reader here in San Diego who has been putting together ideas for movies and skits for many years. He is in the process right now of putting the finishing touches on a few we think could really be great. That is step one.
2. Second we must find funding. Presenting our plan to the community, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and others to find financial support.
3. Third we must find the materials and the funding to plan, shoot, and produce the film. Depending on content of the film, we might need to find and hire actors and scout locations. All this planning will take some time and energy and money.

So please stay in tune for our upcoming ideas. We as a team are excited to use our talents and inspiration to create beautiful, fun, inspiring media that will contribute to the realization of truth, beauty, and goodness on our planet. The sky is the limit if that is what we believe! There is no doubt in my mind that we could make a film that would win awards at Sundance. We just have to believe it is possible and support each other in our individual creative expressions.

Currently we are looking for artists and writers to help us create material for outreach and other projects. If you have talents in these areas please contact us. The Urantia Media Team thanks you for your support.

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