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Starting on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

UB Chat is to be a service to readers across the world as a way for them to connect with each other. This is a way for Urantia Book readers come together to support each other through the different issues and experiences of life as they may come.

My name is Liz Craig and as the founder of UB Chat I will be the voice connecting readers. I have attended eight different seminars in learning different self-help tools. I also assisted in some of them and I think I can apply the things that I learned to others like I did with myself. I did some peer mediation in high school and it has helped me even further with these experiences. It has made me the go-to person for friends and peers alike when it comes to the matter of counsel and guidance.

When I was at the YaYA Invitational in Pasadena we all had a workshop on what we think Jesus would have us do if we were his Apostles. During this workshop I got the inspiration to start this hotline. My love of helping people has been the determining factor in wanting to create UB Chat.

This hotline connects the community in yet another way. Technology is at the ready, why not use it? If as a community, we can expand our reach by a hotline where readers can reach each other, then we are furthering our cause in a meaningful way.

Please note: UB Chat is intended as a loving service to the youth and young adult community, and I expect all callers to respect that intention. I reserve the right to use my own discretion in terminating any call that becomes inappropriate or otherwise counter to the stated goals of UB Chat. I am supported in this endeavor by the Youth and Young Adult Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship, to which any improper uses of UB Chat will be reported. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

UB Chat Hours are:

Tuesday- 3:00-8:00PM PST

Wednesday-  3:00-8:00PM PST

Thursday- 3:00-8:00PM PST

Friday- 3:00-8:00PM PST

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8 thoughts on “UB Chat”

  1. Hi there ..

    Oops that’s in the middle of the night here .. when you are chatting .. Pity !

    But then again .. who knows .. I might turn in anyway sometimes ..

    It’s not clear though ( sorry I’m 56 .. not so good with all that chat opts .. ) HOW TO CHAT .. is it Skype that you use ?! FaceBook ?

    Just recently my websiite is more or less finished .. you might want to have a look . I am particularly inspired also by the crop circle phenomenon ( seem to have something to do with the Celestial Artisans if you ask me .. : )


    Robert, Amsterdam, Holland

    1. Hey Robert,

      It is a call in phone line. I’m pretty sure it works internationally as well as in the U.S. And you are not the only person that has said my specific times don’t work for them but if you would like to chat send me a message on here or on Facebook (Liz Craig or facebook.com/groups/ubchat) and we can set up a time that works for you!

      – Liz

    2. Taking course on line through U B foundation. Great way to here from people from around the world, giving their take on the book. Been reading for many years and my eyes were opened by others. Give it a try it’s great uplifter.

  2. Greetings,

    I share Robert’s perplexity about how this is supposed to work. Skype is cool, but even a BBS would work.

    It’d be fun to check in and see who’s talking/sharing/asking about what.

    I’m out in the boonies and while I’ve been reading avidly for 45 years and attended many workshops/conferences I still hunger for the action of spiritually motivated folk who are intrigued by their spiritual careers.

    Hope to find such here.

    Best cheers,

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’ll say the same thing that I said to Robert that it is a call in hotline. The number is 1-877-7UB-CHAT (1-855-782-2428). And for the time being it is just me answering the calls but I am looking for people to volunteer. So please call in I’d love to chat with you!

      – Liz

  3. Aikins Oswaldo

    Hello Liz, I appreciate this because, we need to be connected wherever we may find ourselves. Great work! Please, if you need any support that fall within my limit I would be more than willing to offer.
    Love & Service

    1. Thank you so much for your offer Aikins! Right now I don’t need any help but in the near future I will be looking for volunteers to answer the phone. If that is something that you or anyone you know are interested in please contact me either by email or Facebook.

      For Facebook search Liz Craig
      For email mcflizzle90@gmail.com

      – Liz

  4. Miranda Clendening

    Hi Liz 🙂 Let me know if you need help answering calls. I would love to volunteer to help. I can even do some night time hours for people in other time zones if you need it.
    Peace, Love, and Blessings, Miranda

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