The Cycle of Love

sanskrita_thumbBy SanSkritA

If every child had his/her physical, mental and spiritual needs met then the fight against inhumane behavior could be stopped. Life is a cycle, a pattern of thoughts and ideas, a series of habitual responses, a dredge of constant desires, a clamoring of urgent inner requests to seize the moment in all of its beauty, its ugliness, its disparity and conflict. Life demands response, for without a response it slips into the recesses of despair and inconstancy. It is against the very characteristic of nature not to respond to circumstance, to stand dull in the face of tragedy, to remain aloof to the cries of spiritual torture, to waif away in carelessness while beauty demands to be seen. And yet humans have become non-responders and will do anything to do nothing, because it has all become too much for them to even begin to know how to respond. Life is a cycle, a cycle relies on responsive behavior to keep it going, and yet as we know, a response often stands in reflectivity of the original donor. In basic terminology, hate begets hate, love begets love, honesty begets honesty, patience begets patience, courage begets courage. It is the simple arithmetic of virtue. One does not need to go to college to learn this fundamental, it is inherent in nature itself, the cycle of life thus begins.

A child relies on what it is surrounded by to create his/her soul, to mold into being a sentient human, to create a star from the dust of reality. This world has become a chaotic mess of incongruent cycles based on lust for darkness, based on animal natures of men, based on lower thought habits, based on derisory childrearing and based on mere laziness. A child will either know the cycle of higher love, or he/she will know the cycle of inexorable greed, the cycle of vicious hate, the cycle of careless neglect, the cycle of thoughtless actions, the cycle of arrogant strides against humanity, the cycle of desperate behavior, the cycle of relentless wanting, the cycle of selfish glorification, the cycle of undeserved fame, the cycle of fevered resentment, the cycle of slippery jealousy, the cycle of competitive egotistical machoism, the cycle of self-hate and lastly the cycle of apathy.

Each cycle is born from a thought, that translates itself into an action and this action bestows all of its gravity on one or more humans and their response to it then began the turn of events that creates either beauty and survival of that which is good, or it initiates an onslaught of terror that shapes itself into many faces, many races, and slides into many places. There is only one cycle that should be kept alive, all others must stifle themselves by each of us beginning to control our response to the series of events, and that is the cycle of love. I am not speaking of romantic love, nor even of maternal love, but of a higher selfless love that has a billion eyes that sees all as brother and sister, has a billion hearts that see all as sacred and dear to them, has a billion different ways to express that love through service to mankind. That is the cycle of love I am speaking of, the one that must be brought full force to life. The response would be quick, all humans innately search for love their whole lives and often their inability to find it leads them to acts of horror, but once in their lives they sought out love. Even a criminal at one point was looking for it. Perhaps he did not find it, perhaps he thought he had found it and was sorely disappointed when he discovered otherwise, and he gave up on his search after the disappointment ate his soul away.  His response to this was one of hate, of dejection, of livid rage, of deep hopelessness. It is emblazoned on every man’s heart to love and be loved, thus the angst when he finds that he do can do neither, for if love is not bestowed then how to pass on the gift? How to even know what it really is? How to share that which you do not know of?

In order to stop the slew of self-destructive and world-destructive cycles, we must each individually and collectively (as nations) begin to demonstrate self-control; our responses must be a leader in and of themselves. If love and true justice stands behind your response, you will mesmerize the beholder, you will bear witness to the power of righteousness as it stops all sin dead in its tracks. The only thing that holds us back from responding in love is our lack of humility, our nasty pride that seeps like a sour wound in the hearts of many. It takes great courage to change the tide, to go against the heavy influence of that which came before you, but it is up to YOU and ME to choose a different reaction, a new paradigm of action, a new concept of true fulfillment. It all begins with self-control. How many more children have to grow up under false and immoral cycles that perpetuate a world of suffering and rampant hate? This is not just one choice but a succession of choices, a non-stop call to action on the front lines of self-evaluation. Your first step already inaugurates a new day in the life of a child craving to know what is good and what is right. ACT NOW.

SanSkritA Dell Erba lives at Global Community Communication Alliance in Tumacacori, AZ and was introduced to the Urantia Book as a child, in fact it was part of her school curriculum! She is a musician, songwriter, dancer , actress and desires to learn more about what it means to serve humanity in her daily life. She also sings songs to Hospice patients once a week as a volunteer.”

I think it best to call the article “The Cycle of Love- Creating a Culture Based on the Natural Reciprocation of Altruism.” Love and Light, SanSkritA

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3 thoughts on “The Cycle of Love”

  1. SanSkritA you are a most spiritually wise soul. In time your efforts and unique services to humanity will shine and aid the lives of millions. Blessings to you in your strivings and endeavors to actualize into your higher calling, and may other daughters of the Light follow in your footsteps. Take heed my fellows, a queen has spoken.

  2. The depth of your wisdom is right on. There should be more people in the world that shine as a beckon of light as you do. I’m sure you will have beautiful children of your own one day, that bring light to souls that are in need. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

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