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As we all know and practice, “love is the desire to do good to others.”  Having chosen to come to this planet, I  fall more and more in love with it, specifically the people on it.  In whatever capacity I can be used as a channel for God’s love is divine purpose.  I am so grateful to be able to be of service to Urantia as a representative of its most recent global revelation in the form of the Urantia Book.The experience so far with the 2×2=MORE project has been rewarding, educating, and liberating.  Working alongside other believers has always brought me a sense of grounding, and this time is no different. Remembering and realizing the reader community, although spread across the planet which can hint at occasional loneliness, now right by my side is validating the firm foundation that uplifts my spirit.

It is very much a confidence booster when speaking about the truths of the Urantia Book knowing I am surrounded by like minds.  photo_4Listening to all of the teammates speak from their particular interests challenged me to broaden my own lingo when helping others understand its message.The Guatemalan culture seems to be open to many spiritual modalities as there were quite a few represented at this international book fair. Perhaps it was the influence from their Catholic heritage that allowed the curiosities to be heightened toward our booth that was adorned with a beautiful rendition of Christ Jesus Michael. It was the reading of Spiritual Vitamins that were gifted to those who may have just passed by that actually provoked many to stick around for lengthier conversations.  Even the children on their field trip were delighted by the thought gems that may have seemed too mature to some, and, of course, kids love stickers!2×2 does equal MORE!  We already know this to be true!  Whether we simply take it as truth from reading about the laws of the universe, the way of Jesus’s teachings, or living it through experiences in our lives.  1235379_10201391913113205_489402299_nWe are more powerful when we go in service together.  This program, initiated by the Northern Light Society of Alaska, is a model that will be the inspiration for greater dissemination.  It is especially fruitful as a tool for motivating the younger generations of readership to pick up the torch of global outreach.

Even though El Salvador wasn’t an official stop of this book fair tour, the small conference of local readers proved to benefit them.  The one-day collective was an inspiration to gather more often in fellowship and study.  Perhaps more occasions as these will be more frequent in my personal future plans, or others in theirs.  Again, my gratitude runs high for the blessing of being a part of this adventure with you all…humbly bowing, at your service.


Alaska Readers of The Urantia Book invite you to explore...
Alaska Readers of The Urantia Book invite you to explore…

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