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Through the Year with The Urantia Book

by: Vicki Arkens

It’s never too late to start receiving weekly PDFs of my children’s curriculum for Urantia Book readers. You’re invited to join the five year cycle of lessons at any time. Click on: One Page Lessons for Children for more information and how to sign up.

The upcoming lessons for March and April are selected from the final days of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and appearances. In addition to the story, each lesson contains an underlying spiritual theme from a Urantia source book by Robert E. Hume: TreasureHouse of the Living Religions.

Lesson 24 of Year 1 is titled, “The Widow’s Mite”. In Paper 172, Jesus and the disciples observe a poor widow placing a two coins in the treasury box of the temple. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Giving and Helping.

Lesson 25 of Year 1 is titled, “The Upper Room”. In Paper 178, Jesus gave secret instructions to a few disciples on how they were to find the location of the last supper. The spiritual theme within the lesson is The Wise Man and the Foolish.

Lesson 26 of Year 1 is titled, “The New Commandment”. In Paper 181, Jesus gave the New Commandment, which results in new joy and friendship with Jesus. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Love.

Lesson 27 of Year 1 is titled, “Garden of Gethsemane”. In Paper 182, Jesus prays in profound agony as he awaits his betrayal and arrest. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Self-dedication and Divine Benediction.

Lesson 28 of Year 1 is titled, “To Golgotha”. In Paper 187, a passerby named Simon of Cyrene is ordered to carry Jesus’ crossbeam to the place of crucifixion. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Duty.

Lesson 29 of Year 1 is titled, “Burial of Jesus”. In Paper 188, Jesus is buried in Joseph of Arimathea’s new tomb, and the women watch from a distance. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Fearlessness and Courage.

Lesson 30 of Year 1 is titled, “Mary Magdalene”. In Paper 189, Jesus appears to the women who came in the early morning hours, and he speaks to Mary Magdalene. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Hope.

Lesson 31 of Year 1 is titled, “On the Shore – Part 1”. In Paper 192, the disciples see Jesus beckoning to them on the shore after a night of fishing on the Sea of Galilee. The spiritual theme within the lesson is Friendship and Brotherhood.

Year 1 ends on the last Sunday of April. Year 2 will begin in September.

Special Note: If you wish to receive a PDF with a Bible reference in place of the Urantia reference, I’m happy to provide that. Contact me @ godandneighbor55@gmail.com The curriculum is free of charge.

Vicki is a longtime Urantia Book reader, mother of three, and grandmother of three. She taught Sunday School for many years and holds a teaching degree in secondary education. She currently resides with her husband Bob in Wisconsin. “This gospel of the kingdom belongs to both Jew and gentile, to rich and poor, to free and bond, to male and female, even to the little children.” Jesus, The Urantia Book 191:6.2


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