Dr. Sean Michael

My friend said, “Why don’t you come to Church with me. I think you’ll really like it.”
I said, “Okay, sure, I’m up for it…I haven’t been to church in…forever.”
I jumped into his truck and he drove us off into Maui’s farming country. I couldn’t find my way there again. I didn’t care where we were going. I was lost in the smell of the air, the beauty of the day and the joy of just having something new in my life.

“C’mon”’ he said with a smile.
We walked behind an outbuilding and entered a circle of about twenty people sitting in the shade, books open upon their laps. I sat down, nodded to those whom my eyes met, took a breath and simply listened.
I closed my eyes (or where they open?) and as the wind blew through my hair, suddenly the scene being read aloud came to life!
A large group of people sat in a circle, the Master is there! And as he placed his hands upon their heads, LIGHT!
I left without a thought, only as single word: Urantia!

Many years later, having completed my doctorate, I browsed a New Age bookstore’s shelves, finding the usual fare. Not a thing caught my eye until I saw a single word: Urantia!


Sean Michael is a Synchronist and an Anthropologist, as well as, a husband to a beautiful wife and father to five lovely children. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is currently developing a synthesis of western neuroscience and eastern dynamic meditation called Synchrony, a transformational art form and tension releasing, self-mastery system steeped in the teachings of Urantia.

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