Going to Croatia to evangelize was truly the highlight of my many years of Urantia Book outreach.

When I first heard about the 2×2 Project I almost didn’t believe it. Really?! There is an opportunity to send younger Urantians overseas to share the UB? Wow.

The first couple opportunities I kept my name out of the hat. I was already very active and wanted to give others a chance to discover what I loved so much already – sharing the Urantia Book while traveling. Also, the first few trips were in South America and I knew the language barrier might be too big of an obstacle. However, when I heard there was a trip to Croatia I jumped on it.

At the time I was in a new relationship, busy with my career, and had just finished moving from San Diego back to Idaho. I hardly looked at the trip details except to briefly help our team get a banner translated into Croatian and so had no idea what to expect. I knew that they were not a wealthy country and had been in a war (the Serbian and Bosnian war) only 25 years previous. I also had read a few details about the country: 85% Roman Catholic, strong national pride, and beautiful coast line. None of that however really helped me understand what type of wonderful people I would be meeting.

Our purpose was to attend a fair called the “Mystic Organica”, an event which involved mystic and organic products and vendors split into two major sections (with the bonus of a home furnishings exhibit thrown in the mix).

When we first got to the fair on set up day I was of the thinking that we had too many people. Six of us had traveled from America to attend this event. At the normal booths I’ve done in San Diego, Portland, and Spokane, two people is plenty (maybe three max). My experience is that having too many people can be a distraction for those engaged in conversation. But as it turns out the fair was so well attended that we really needed everyone there.

When we made our way into the fair to set up, I quickly realized that this fair was not only going to be much bigger than I expected but much more fruitful as well. There were 40-50 booths with healers, writers, mystics, and us (We were set-up in the mystic area). Fortunately, we were able to stand out by engaging with participants in the fair.

We spent five days, 10-12 hours a day, sharing the UB and its teachings with Croatians as they passed by. It was an incredibly fruitful experience for everyone there. I bet that for some time there has not been a more successful group evangelistic activity like this fair. We must have introduced 1000 people to the UB and had hundreds of intimate personal moments of heart to heart sharing with all sorts of different people, old and young. It was truly a special moment in my experiences of evangelism.

Even though I hadn’t planned for it, I ended up also shooting enough video for a short documentary about the trip. Interviewing all five of our team of travelers and shooting lots of film of us in action at the booth and the fair – so be looking for that coming soon!

On top of this I was able to spend an afternoon in downtown Zagreb, (which is dubbed “little Sicily” by locals) a city with a truly medieval European feel, with cobble stone, winding streets, and bustling sidewalk coffee shops.

Reflecting back on this experience, I still can’t believe there are people supporting these types of trips for younger Urantia Book readers! It was truly a life changing experience. I will never forget and I am absolutely sure it set in motion innumerable trails of progress for the spiritual kingdom. Ya Ya for 2×2!!

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4 thoughts on “Croatia”

    1. Thank you Georgie! It was truly a life changing experience. I plan to spend my life helping other young evangelist travel and share the gospel as I was so blessed to do.

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