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Dear Friends,

This is a report on the Arizona State University Urantia club effort for the 2014-2015 year, our second year. Everyone agrees the future lies with the youth (. . . where else would it lie?) So, it seemed good that a club be established on the largest campus in the U.S., found in Tempe, with over 60,000 students.

Students are beset with oftentimes meaningless degree programs, onerous debt obligations, and an atomized, isolated social environment of few real friends in the midst of a relentless stream of humanity. Often, when I greet a visitor, I say, “Welcome to a Friendly Universe!” It can be a breath of fresh air.

The Book says that education has passed from religious leaders (think of early Harvard and Yale), to business men and lawyers (think university presidents and regents), and in the future must be entrusted to philosophers and scientists. But where will the philosophers come from? We now light a small candle, a student club, rather than curse the darkness of the hallowed halls of academia.

“A problem well put is half solved.”
–John Dewey

“Looking back, I think it was more difficult to see what the problems were than to solve them.”

–Charles Darwin


Karma, first student to receive a Book


Young Josh gives Adam a Book

In his recent talk to the 25th Anniversary of The Grand Canyon Society, Geoffrey Theiss identified that we must “go where the youth are.” Geoff has a campus club ministry in California keyed on Spiritual Unity, his passion–the Fatherhood of God, and the family of men and women. Problem identified, solution simple.

Here is a partial list of names of new ASU club members you may pray for: Luca, Henry, Priscilla, Karl, Marie, Antonio, Keigan, Michael, Jeffrey, David, Andre, Sander, Adam, Karma, Marlee, Taylor, Joel, Billy, Alex, Favio, and Christine.


New student Christine joins the club

It is such joy to share the light of revelation! The approach worked out this semester was to set up the table on Tuesdays, and to hold a study group on Wednesdays. “Despise not the days of small beginnings!”


First ASU study “group” with Adam, the first.

Some acknowledgments: “Thank you” to Thomas for the good banner artwork (Not All Planets Come With Instructions–Ours Does!) and going out on the first days with me. Thanks to Teuvo for conceiving the idea and ordaining it. Thanks to Dick Johnson, JJ Johnson, the Wengers’ study group, Tom Choquette, and others for initial funding. Thanks to the Fellowship for books. And . . . welcome to Luca Rappino, a new club officer and reader!


The Urantia Book arrives on ASU Campus!


Sharing a bold new vision for our planet

Here’s a photo from the start in 2014:


Angela Wilson, founder, sharing the good news


I Was a Bedazzled Study-Group Sinner

Sin depicts immaturity dazzled by the freedom of the relatively sovereign will of personality while failing to perceive the supreme obligations and duties of cosmic citizenship. (UB 118:7.4

I was dazzled by the brilliance of the light coming from The Urantia Book while I sat in study group, and for too long failed to perceive the obligations of cosmic family citizenship . . . resulting in sin and immaturity.   I think at some point I realized that as much as I enjoy intensive study of the Book, not reaching out to those in my neighborhood (I live near the university), constituted a dead, unmoving level of inertia. But it shocked me to realize it was also sinful. At the same time, I realized anew that inspiring students in their search for truth is what I truly love and enjoy. So why not? Let us help ourselves and as many as we can to get to work, and avoid that pitfall.

Progress is the watchword,
–Bro. Joshua

Check it out: “A resource for discovering the Urantia community”

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7 thoughts on “ASU Outreach Booth”

  1. AWESOME I LOVE this it would be really GREAT IF The Urantia Foundation could eventually get on more campus’s of other big schools around the country? Is it hard to get a permit for these booths to do it?

    1. Depends
      On big campuses it can be (have to be affiliated with a student group), but most have free speech zones that all for anything. Representing an organization is tough and expensive. Representing yourself makes it much easier.

      If you are interested let us know and we can help get you started!

  2. This is the person to person slow growth method that the Revelators advised. I support this but do not support other mass outreach ideas I’ve seen. We need to be examples in our own lives and when people see that we have answers without fear or some church hanging over our heads they will want to know what we’ve found. The person to person method is still the best method.

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