The “2×2=MORE” in Croatia

Six hearty Urantia travelers, with 300+ pounds of Urantia Books and JANR’S, CD’s and materials, shared their hearts and souls at Mystique Organica in Zagreb, Croatia in October 2014.  For 5 days we talked and listened to hundreds of people, filmed a video, rolled spiritual vitamins, gave a public presentation, tried to learn a most difficult language and so much more.  Our Croatian host, Hrovje Palk, found the Book online, read it alone for 2 years, and urged us to come to Croatia.  He and his lovely family took us touring to a beautiful national park, so we did get time off to see the countryside.

Derek Samaras and Teuvo Orjala were our great “2×2=More” representatives on this trip and they will be sharing their observations with you in the upcoming months.  These men, in their early 30’s, not only got to spend their time with us ageless, 60+ IFC members (Arlene and Buck Weimer, Charlene Morrow and I, Barb Maier), they also got tons of experience in sharing the UB, often in very different ways than ever before.  But common in all these trips, the language of love and the sincere desire to listen as we meet our fellow truth seekers go way beyond verbal barriers.

For those of you who have not heard of our now 2½ year-old project, the “2×2=MORE” is sponsored by the Northern Light Society of Alaska.  We are committed to helping young adults travel with the IFC to book fairs, study groups and more.  We raise money for airplane tickets, we carefully vet applicants, publicize our efforts, give reports and share our excitement with other young people. We also work closely with the Youth and Young Adult Committee (YaYAs) to attract those young people who truly want to be exposed to a whole new way of sharing The Urantia Book and its wonderful teachings.   To date, we have been able to assist 5 young people in traveling to Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Philippines, Thailand, and now, the land adjacent to the Dalamatian coast, Croatia.

If you visit our website, you will see our original “2×2=MORE” video that launched this project after a successful trip to Nigeria in May of 2012.  Our project continues to surprise us in ways that we could not have expected.  We know and trust that we have the support of our Father and You as we follow the Jesusonian model of sending us out, “2 by 2.”  This has been our foundation and our mission.  The work and participation of Teuvo and Derek to our Croatian outreach was immeasurable and far exceeds any linear description.  What a joy it was to share these days with them and to see their growth through unique learning experiences.  I look forward to hearing their words, seeing their pictures and videos which will soon come forth.

We welcome your financial support.  We need you to share the news about our “2×2=MORE.”  We need you to alert the younger generation that our project exists and may offer them unexpected and possibly life-changing opportunities.  For more information, please contact me, Barbara Maier, at the email address below.  Thanks so much!

Yours in Loving Service,

Barbara Maier

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1 thought on “The “2×2=MORE” in Croatia”

  1. It was one amazing experience to participate in the book fair. The energy which you brought with you to my country is indescribable and with it you influenced many searching souls in Croatia. Tuevo and Derek where a good choice for your 2×2=MORE project but I see a space for small improvement. Even Angel ministry in the Universe is done in pairs. Positive and Negative charged. For your next mission, in my opinion, you should think of evolution of your project: Male x Female = MORE.

    Peace be upon you all
    Hrvoje Pajk

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