Have you ever thought about being a traveling evangelist? Have you ever thought about hosting a traveling evangelist? As we grow in our efforts and as a community it is a must that we train leaders and teachers to travel and share the good news just as the followers of Jesus did so many years ago, and still do to this day.

This mission has been held in the highest regard from the very beginning of the Urantia Brotherhood. Progress has been made in the right direction, like The Boulder School in Colorado and many other great works, but a true infrastructure for evangelism does not yet exist.


Section 11.14 The Committee on Education: The committee on Education shall find, prepare, and qualify teachers of the Urantia Book, who shall be persons of high moral character, devoted to the teachings and the principles of the Urantia Book; it shall seek to interest such suitable persons in preparing themselves to teach the truths of the Urantia Book and to prepare and qualify such persons to teach the Urantia Book. Original Constitution of The Urantia Book Brotherhood 

To me the teachings are calling us forward to act out our faith. We must share the trans-formative personal religious experiences we have had within and without the Urantia Book that have awakened us to the reality of a personal relationship with God.  We must share the ways in which truth, beauty, and goodness have invigorated and ignited our souls.  There is no doubt that this task is challenging. But in the face of the unknown, there is less doubt that it is what we are called to do. We are directed,  as Jesus encouraged, to be missionaries, “to do evangelism or ministries of service”.

Rodan of Alexandria –  160:5.3 “If you are not a positive and missionary evangel of your religion, you are self-deceived in that what you call a religion is only a traditional belief or a mere system of intellectual philosophy”.

  • A Missionary is a member of a religious group sent into an area to do evangelism or ministries of service.
  • Evangelism refers to the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others who do not hold those beliefs.

Do we know what this means for everyone? Not totally, but many of us who have some experience, including myself, desire to have more support and be able to support others.  That is why as a community, we should support all evangelists of personal religion found in relationship with God.  We need a forum and tools, to gather, to teach, to collaborate, to grow from each other.  In order to facilitate the ‘traveling’ element and to follow in the footsteps of the apostles, we want to facilitate the connection between those who seek to be traveling evangelists with those who wish to support traveling evangelism.

This is a map of current available locations where travelers can stay or receive community support: If you can offer ANY SERVICE to your fellow Urantian’s please fill out the form bellow this map. There is no other way to help our community grow faster.

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It’s a fact this form of evangelism doesn’t come naturally to everyone, or even most, but as I know from experience the spiritual reward one receives is undeniable.

While I traveled this summer I got into many conversations with people about God, life, and sometimes the Urantia Book. I never bring out the UB unless I feel that the time is right. But what usually winds up happening is that people are interested to know where I get the ideas I’m sharing with them. So I tell them the truth.

Ultimately, those that feel the call to be missionary evangelists must heed the call of Jesus.  “He directed them to go forth, two and two, to teach the glad tidings of the kingdom.”  If this speaks to you or you can support traveling evangelism in any way whether it be offering co-operative living, work, experienced training, housing, money, or otherwise, we need to get connected!

( edited and contributed to by Geoff Theiss )