Hello! Pamela Chaddock and I attended Soularize in San Diego this week. My first thought about going to Soularize was, I’m not a Christian. What I found out was I wouldn’t mind being one!

It seems to me that my father Jesus is bringing significant revelations into my life on a regular basis these days. This is not surprising, I guess, considering how often I put myself “into it”! The emergent Christian movement is amazing. These people are bright, loving, and great speakers! They are up front and cheerful about their love for Jesus and sometimes sharp about their feelings toward mainstream Christianity and the Bible. I quote my last workshop leader: “Besides the holy spirit the Bible is a bunch of dead letters.” WOW! And we were meeting in a church….

Talk about politics in culture and faith

What I learned these last few days was that I have a new home. There are active communities of Jesus-loving folk who are not fixated on the Bible as the word of God. (I saw very few Bibles.) They are going to freak out when they discover Jesus as we know him. I’m not kidding. Literally some of these people are going to explode! They are the cream of the crop of Christian thinkers and theologians. I must have learned ten new words this week.

I guess last I would comment on the age of this group, as well as the culture. It was great to be among many young thinkers and there was a nice generational mix. Most were pastors or had degrees in theology or other religious studies. Lots of artists, active bloggers, and musicians. Their productions, printed material, and organization was A++.

Yes that is a Urantia Book on the table!

I believe we could learn a lot from this group. These are open minded Christians, followers of Christ, that are approachable and friendly about new ideas and stretching the limits of traditional thinking. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! So I would like to deeply congratulate whoever made the first steps toward working with these beautiful people. I gave away four Urantia Books, introduced maybe 25 people to the Book, and even downloaded the UBook app on a girl’s Ipad. Epic.

Thank you for your support in doing this work! I hope you will all join for the next Soularize.
‐Teuvo Orjala, San Diego



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