chelsea_thumbAn amazing day consists of sharing truth with those seeking it. On a cloudy day, a student goes to college having no idea they may find a truth that lightens their soul and awakens their spirit. Doing college outreach for me today felt like this. I felt that these kids who walk from classroom to classroom in drones dreading Economics or History find a small break relieving. I really enjoyed being their break from reality today. Some would come straight up to us and ask exactly what the book was about while others needed a little nudge. Either way everyone who came in honest contact of us today found some kind of complete interest  by the time they left. It isn’t just about sharing the Truth with people but encouraging them to look outside their box, look for greater meanings and believe in something greater than what is put in front of them. So many young people are truth seeking and today I really realized they need hope. They need reassurance that going to class everyday and being a drone isn’t just what being a youth is about. It’s about finding yourself and having people like us helping them to do that. Epic day, needless to say.