Holy bajesus! Are we really about to do some college outreach! This is great.

That’s right my people we have applied to have a booth at Grossmont College here in San Diego and we were accepted. Not that we didn’t think we would be, but feels good all the same.

So this is the first little step of many to come and we are excited. Making ourselves known in the community is very important if we ever hope to have thousands of readers in our area. We plan to set the model for others to follow. It’s really simple though. Call your local college! Get the appropriate paperwork and fill it out. Pick a date and BAM! You’re hanging out talking to college folk about truth, beauty, and goodness, before you know what happened.

We are working on setting a goal for a specific number of colleges at which to have applications turned in and approved. This is not a hard thing to accomplish and in our minds is the next step in actively having opportunities to be doing outreach. How else will the world ever come to even know the word “Urantia” if we don’t tell people? Think about it for a second. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of christian colleges in the world that teach and practice Jesus’ teachings. I personally know that many of these young minds are so, so hungry for more than is afforded them in the Bible.

What else is important to think about is all the amazing science and history that is in the UB. At our booth we are going to have five leaflets, each dedicated to a subject like science, religion, relationships, family, etc.  The point is that not everyone is going to want to have a conversation about God or Jesus. In fact, that is going to instantly turn many people off. But if you can catch people and share with them that the Urantia Book has an immense amount of information about any topic, and then hand them the appropriate flier, that might catch their attention.

Doing college outreach is not only going to be a very enriching experience but, with a little time and commitment, it will bring hundreds of new readers to the table. Our movement has frankly done a less-than-stellar job of attracting young adults. I partially understand why. The teachings of the UB–no matter how long you’ve studied them–are still a very intimidating body of text to read and then comprehend. And with the education system the way it is, we are truly not taught or motivated to push ourselves in reading and writing. Most of our magazines and shows write down to us. They literally make it easier to understand instead of pushing the envelope to challenge young minds to be creative, so what we are being left with is a generation of young adults who have little taste for reading at all. But for those few who have risen above the rift, we will be there to share our joy and excitement about this wonderful, life-changing book.

We will surely be challenged when we go on campuses. Our goal though must be to train ourselves to share the good news just as Jesus did and do so in a dynamic, loving way. Easy right?!

We will be at Grossmont College in San Diego on May 17th from 8:30am till 8:00pm.

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Wish us luck!

Or submit to get help making this happen on a College in your town!