What is Truthseekers?

We are an event oriented group for teens aged 14-19 (older alumni are always welcome too as leaders or facilitators) who spend quality time together, getting to know one another via wonderful adventures set in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Truthseekers organization was started by Tom Choquette and Fred Harris. The first Truthseekers event was held at Estes Park, Colorado in the summer of 2002. Since that event, we have held events at California, Oregon, Utah, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, Montreal – Quebec, and Texas.  and we continue to grow and seek other venues where participants can feel at ease with their surroundings and gain insight into the role as citizens of a vast creation.

Youth are offered wonderful opportunities to open up and share their inner lives with each other, getting to know each other, through working and playing together via the profitable utilization of leisure time. Truthseekers offers healthy and adventurous outdoor activities during the days, and sharing and preparing meals together, bonding and learning heart of social discourse, in the evenings. It facilitates making close, lifelong friendships and belonging to an extended network of like minded young people dedicated to living lives of honesty and integrity. Once you become part of the Truthseekers family, you are always welcome as a member of the Truthseekers family at any and all future events and activities as as alum participant, a youth facilitator in training, or event leader.

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